Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holy Cow: My Half Marathon Training Plan

Over the weekend, my mom finally finished writing up my half marathon training plan for St. Jude.
She put the long runs on a fancy calendar print-out with all the weekly workouts written on the back of each month.

I guess now would be the optimum time to confess that I haven't been running like I was back in March. After the Capital City Classic 10K from hell, I took some time off. Then I had some health problems, which I got under control. So I ran for 2 weeks. Felt good. Then I passed out at a concert. Insert more health problems here. Found out I'm hypoglycemic.

But the confession is that I'm scared to run. I'm scared to run by myself. And it's not that I'm scared I'll fall out in the middle of it. I'm scared to find out how much fitness I've actually lost. So there it is. My big confession. I'm being such a baby about it. Like really. It's pitiful.

I was suppose to run over the weekend with my mom. But it rained at all the key points in the day when running would be best....ahem...the morning time.

When I looked at the finished training plan, I felt sick. Doubt clouded my thoughts. Am I going to be able to do this? Like really do this to the extent I planned when I signed up in May?

I only have a month and a half to get my base run under some kind of control. Someone needs to politely slap me in the face and tell me to get it together ASAP!

In the spirit of getting it together, I'm posting my training plan --- which my mom wrote specifically for me so feel free to change it up to fit you if you choose to use it. I'm hoping this ever-living post will provide me with some kind of accoutability. So if you choose to use this plan, please leave a comment saying that you are using it and together we shall overcome the fear and run!

My Half Marathon Plan for St. Jude's Half Marathon

This plan is centered around 3 weekly runs with one optional easy run. It's a 13-week plan with built-in recovery weeks to help with burnout. You will have three to four rest days depending on if you choose to do the optional run. Feel free to work in cross-training on those days, but take rest whenever you feel you need it.

Week 1
Speedwork: 2 mile fartlek
Tempo: 3 mile tempo run - 1st mile slow, each mile try to make it 10-15 seconds faster
Long run: 4 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 2
Speedwork: 2 mile fartlek
Hillwork: 3 mile run - find some hills or use treadmill inclines.
Long run: 5 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 3
Speedwork: 3 mile fartlek
Tempo: 3 or 4 mile tempo run - race pace goal
Long run: 6 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 4 - Recovery
Speedwork - 2 mile fartlek
Tempo - 2 mile tempo run - pace doesn't matter as much
Long run - 3 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 5
Speedwork: Warm up easy jog - 1 mile. 1 minute - fast pace; 1 minute slow jog, alternate for 20 minutes. 1 mile cool down.
Hillwork: 3-4 mile interval run - find some hills
Long run: 7 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 6
Speedwork: pick up the pace run - 4 miles. Start slow and end final mile at race pace. Example: mile 1 11:45, mile 2 11:30, mile 3 11:15, mile 4 11:00 (rest 1:30 minutes inbetween.)
4 mile run at Race pace
Long run: 8 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 7
5 mile hill workout
4-5 mile repeat. 1/2 mile warm up. Run race pace for each mile wtih 1:30 minute rests in between. 1/2 mile
Long run: 9 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 8 - Recovery
Speedwork: 2-3 mile fartlek
4 mile easy run
Long run: 4-5 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 9
Speedwork: 4 mile fartlek
Tempo: 5 mile tempo run
Long run: 10 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 10
1. 5 mile run: 1/2 mile warm-up and cool down. 1 mile repeat at race pace with 1:30 minutes rests inbetween.
2. 1 mile warmup: 2 miles of one minute faster then 1 minute slower jog. 1 mile cooldown.
3. Long run: 11 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 11
Tempo: 4 mile tempo run at race pace
Hills: 5-6 mile hill interval run
Long run: 12 miles
Optional: 3 mile easy run

Week 12 - Recovery
3 miles at race pace
Tempo: 4-5 mile tempo run at race pace
Long run: 5-6 miles
Optional 3 mile easy run

Week 13 - Race week
Monday: 3-4 mile easy run
Wednesday: 2-3 mile run
REST! REST! REST! - stretch a lot.
Saturday/Sunday - RACE DAY 13.1!!!!

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