Get to Know Me...

This is me...Ashten. 
Here are a few things you should know before you dive into this blog:
  • I'm a 20-something Arkansan working towards a Master's degree in Journalism.
  • I read, write, cook, craft, run and rant. 
  • I like to use bullet lists to express myself.
  • Random musings and story-telling are a few of my favorite things.
  • I'm not a vegetarian or vegan...but I post a lot of recipes that could be.
  • I'm addicted to music, coffee, laughing, running, yoga, Instagram and snacking.
There is sort of stigma that comes from being Southern. So I'm embracing that "barefoot" way of life by writing the truth about myself. And "running" can be a lot of things...I have a tendency to do a lot of different activities, which I like to share on this blog. So I'm barefoot and running all the time.

This blog is an expression of myself and where I am. It's a slice of my life. A snapshot in time. So it tends to change all the time...and by that I mean content-wise. I have a tendency to write like I talk, and I love having a conversational style that (I feel) people can relate to. 

Since I'm well vested in the ways of grammar and journalistic writing, I tend to break the rules on a way of defining my writing style. So if you are a grammar freak or just really love complete sentences, you may not find my blog appealing. So there you go.

Running is a hobby I love. I've never been really athletic or coordinated, but apparently you don't need to be to be a runner. I started running in May 2011, and I've been signing up for races ever since then. I have amazing people who run with me, and we keep each other motivated.

Meet the cast of characters I roll with on a daily basis.
Samantha, the roommate, is my best friend and roommate (obviously). We have lived together since our Sophomore year in college. Six years later, we don't hate each other or want to cause each other physical pain. I think that calls for a celebration.
Logan. She took me to school every day in 10th grade until I turned 16. We've been friends for a long time, and she joined the running pact a week after I posted all about my new running adventure. In high school, she was well known for loathing running, but now she is like lightening. She's one of my motivations for running. If I quit, she will quit. And we can't have that.

My mom, the running guru. This woman keeps me sane and motivated in all the ways of life. She is my role model, but mostly she is my friend. She's been running for more than 3 years. Numerous 5Ks and 10Ks. Two half marathons. And dreams of a full marathon and sprint triathalon. She's a badass. And she keeps the rest of us in line and in the know when it comes to running. When we have questions, we call her. And we just call her because we like her.