Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How To Do Things You Should Already Know Wednesday

What up everybody? Hope you have been having a fantastic day.

Today's Things You Should Know Lesson is:

How to Tie a Tie
Now it seems easy, but I feel like it will be tricky. But we ladies need to know how to tie a tie because 1.) our man candy of choice may need a neck tie tied before he starts his new desk job and 2.) it's just plain impressive.

So I'm gonna get to perfecting that little tidbit of information and file it back for future reference. And I'd think it'd be good for you to do the same.

For the other HTDTYSAKW, look here and here.

In other news:

I got my new tooth. (Sounds so depressing to be excited about that...YAY New Tooth Day! *cough cough...lame* but now I can eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner like a normal human instead of crazed horse...ok it wasn't that bad. But I can now use the left side of my mouth to consume cakes, cookies, pies, chips, Cheez-Itz, broccoli, pasta, etc. etc....You get it.)

I have yet to start the thesis proposal, but it will happen today. And by start I mean organizing the research would be a step up from where I am which is nothing. Hopefully writing the dang thing can start over the weekend.

***Content more relevant to your everyday lives will be coming your way in the near future...So you are welcome. You are welcome. (I'm not ashamed. Learning to tie a tie is important, as is my new tooth.)***

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Race for the Cure Recap

What a weekend it has been. I mean it was crazy good. I finished my first Race for the Cure in 40:34, which I think is pretty amazing.

I ran in honor of Paula, my co-worker who is currently fighting her second battle with breast cancer.
She is a huge inspriration and a wonderful woman. I am lucky to know her. She is truly a survivior and lover of all people. Her spice for life is something I envy. And I strive to truly appreciate things the way she does every single day.

Now I didn't take any pcitures of me or my group at the race. I know. I know. Bad blogger. But just so you know where I kinda was in the grand scheme of things, I was near the very front of the pack.
And that was just the front half of the group. The back of the line went way back. 46,000 women and men were registered to race and be part of the 3 miles of men. It is amazing to see some many people come together for one cause.

After the race, I got to spend some quality time with my mom. We went shopping for winter running gear. I can't wait to share those things with you on the blog once Mother Nature lets it get a bit cooler. I can tell you the new Nike store in Little Rock gives discounted prices on apparel. Good discounts. Check that out ASAP.

10K Training Update

I ran 4 miles last night. And it was clearly more than I was use to. I could feel the tiredness settle in about 3.5 miles. The last .5 mile was a mental battle.

I can do this.'s too hard. I should walk. No, don't you dare walk. It's only a half a mile. Just...keep....going....

And that is exactly what I did.

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 50:13
Best pace: 9:21
Average pace: 12:33
Calories: 419

Now let's talk about this for a second. I run 3 miles in 40-something-ish minutes. So I added another mile in 10 minutes. Holla. At. Your. Girl. Someone's legs were booking it last night on the River Trail.

I kept a pace I keep all the time, which makes me super excited. So adding mileage doesn't seem to affect my average pace. Hooray! And I did it by myself. So I know I can do it.

Now I just have to stick to the plan. My next 4 mile run will be Sunday. I'm gonna stick with 3 miles for the rest of the week. And be thankful it's just 3 miles.

My lower back paid the price of 4 miles last night. It had a dull ache after that. Luckily this morning it had died down. I guess the mile of extra jarring really didn't help my achy back.

Big Things Happening This Week
  • I get my spiffy new tooth tomorrow morning. HOORAY!!!!!
  • Part 2 of my PR Strategic Communications Plan gets turned in on Thursday.
  • UCA Homecoming on Saturday...Woo Whoo! Can't wait to see my Alpha Sig sisters, along with lots of other fellow Bears!
  • I WILL start my thesis proposal this week. It has to be done. This is my promise to start it. So there you go. I said it. So it has to happen.
How was your weekend?

What big things are happening for you this week?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Too Legit to Quit

Good Mornting!!! I hope everyone had a nice sleep. I could have stayed in bed a lot longer this morning, but I had to work. When I flung the covers back this morning, I immediately turned into a frozen block of ice. Not even kidding. I ran to turn off the fan, which I don't know why it was on, and checked the weather.
Ummm....the weather has decided to skip all things fall and head straight into winter. Awesome. (Can you hear the sarcasm?). I got up with time to spare so I made a pot of coffee and savored a cup in one of my favorite mugs that the roommate got me for Nosh Night.
Why yes I'd love some coffee with my cream. Thank you very much. It was steamy and perfect to beat the extra chilly morning.

Yesterday I bit the bullet and ran outside in the cold for the first time since I ran 5 miles with my mom. Thankfully the roommate and I had the right gear to fight the cold because the wind was fierce. It blew us all over the River Trail.

After it was over, we both felt pretty legit. I mean we ran 3 miles in the coldest wind, and I ran most of the 3 miles with my hand jabbed into my aching side. Someone please tell me what the crap is happening up under my rib cage on my left side. When I catch a cramp, it's usually there, and I have a hard time jabbing my fingers under my ribs. What gives?

And we ran 3 miles in our new running pullovers. Legit? I think so. I think the popped collar adds a little something extra.

The roommate looks like a model in a running magazine. Clearly the thumbs up and the popped toe adds to the legitness. Since we have this new gear to wear, we can't quit running. I don't like the cold, but I felt so accomplished when I finished yesterday's cold run.

After the run, all I could think about was a big bowl of steamy, hot soup. So I made some. I got the recipe from Clean Eating Chelsey, a blog I love to read every day.

I present to you Roasted Potato, Broccoli and White Bean Soup c/o Clean Eating Chelsey.
I linked the recipe so you can have it to make yourself, which you definitely should. It was so hearty and absolutely delicious. The potatos were velvety. The broccoli was fresh and flavorful. And the roasted garlic was something to write home about.

Clearly Chelsey has it going on. It's the second recipe I've tried of hers, and both were phenomenal. Check out her recipe for Quinoa Vegetable Soup. Seriously, make these recipes as soon as you get home today.

Got big plans this weekend?
Race for the Cure. Running it for the first time. With my momma. And the roommate, Logan and Lindsey. Then running clothes shopping. And refueling with lots of great food.

What is your favorite way to spend cold mornings?
Under a blanket in my favorite chair with a hot cup of coffee and good movies on the tube or a good book.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How To Do Things You Should Already Know Wednesday: Part II

Today's topic is something we can all learn from since we all have had one at one time or another.

How To Rid Yourself of an Ice Cream Headache

As a frequent headache sufferer, I'm not trying to get headache when I eat a delicious treat such as ice cream. So I found a video to teach us the necessary precautions to take when you feel an ice cream headache on the rise.
Now I'll admit I knew about the tounge to the roof of the mouth trick, but it was never enough to stop the pain fast enough. So I'll have to take up the nose knocking and warm liquids.

So you are welcome. I have now solved the problem that causes faces and brows to squeesh up everywhere. And you can enjoy your favorite ice cream without fail.

If you want to read last week's HTDTYSAKW, go here.

Can you believe it's already October 19? This year is flying by for realz. Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here, and my mom and I will put up the Christmas tree. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about that.

I watched Christmas Vacation last night and basically squealed the whole time. Joy exudes from my body when my favorite Christmas movies come on the tube. And the weird thing is I told my co-workers yesterday I wanted to start watching Christmas movies. While they didn't disagree with me, one advised me not tell anyone about it.

But now I don't have to worry about it because CMT took care of it for me. Score!

What are your favorite things about the Holiday Season?

When do you think it's appropriate to start watching Christmas movies?
The time is always right to watch a Christmas classic.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eggos and Breakfast Burritos

First off, I'd like to start the day by saying that I need Eggo waffles and breakfast burritos in my near future breakfast routine. My current routine consists of sleeping as last as possible therefore forcing me to forgo a satisfying breakfast.

This morning I've had: A cup of coffee (that should be multiplied by three), a very small baggy of multi-grain Cheerios and a Luna bar (which I will likely save for later in the morning so I won't want to punch anyone out of hunger).
Saw this really awesome horse dog at Starbucks the other day. He had dreads. And he came up to my rib cage. And he was the sweetest dog ever.

I ran again. I'm still not on a schedule I like. And what I mean by that I'm not sure. When I have to skip to accomodate for my Thursday night class, it just messes everything up. (Probably because I've become too lazy to get up early on a Friday morning and just run my little heart out. But in my defense, there was a lot of good movies on the tube.)
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 39:25 minutes
Best pace: 9:05
Average pace: 12:43
Calories: 331

In case you are curious about graduate school, I took a photo of an activity we did last week so you guys will know what I'm dealing with in that place.
The tallest paper/tape structure won prizes, and it just happened to be my group that won. HOLLA!!!

This activity was geared toward creative thinking....(Cricket. Cricket.) Ummmm.....I thought I already was a creative thinker. I mean I make wreaths, paint things, make up recipes...Oh wait. That doesn't count because it's stuff I actually like to do. So this project was a necessary to get the school-related creative juicies flowing.

P.S. I won a set of chattering teeth. You know the gag gift kind of chattering teeth. They are so loud. And perfectly straight. And spiritual white.

How was your weekend?

What kinds of breakfast foods have you been craving lately?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Recommitment to the Run

It's exactly 9 days until Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
I got my race packet in the mail a few days ago, and something sort of changed. The reality of the race is starting to set in a bit more. I've been working toward this goal since May. It's crazy that it's finally here. Nine days away. While it's not my first 5K, it is the first time I will wear a race bib and actually run in the Race for the Cure.

Since the cracked tooth debacle, I haven't been able to run. The dentist told me not to run, and I was actually kinda scared to since my luck is not the greatest. So yesterday was the first time I've ran in two weeks.

Time: 41 minutes
Distance: 3.17 miles
Best time: 9:41
Average time: 12:56
Calories: 312

I'm pretty proud of the time considering I haven't ran in two weeks. But I'm not about to tell you the run was cake because it was pretty tough. I could definitely tell I had taken a prolonged break, but I don't think it will hinder my plans for my next running goal.

New Goal: 10K Training
I have exactly six weeks until the 10K Duck Race in Stuttgart. It's the Saturday following Thanksgiving so I'm sure I'll be needing a run to cut through the pumpkin pie, turkey and the thousands of pounds of sides I will consume to begin the Holiday Season.

So as of yesterday, I've officially began training for the 10K. My plan looks something like this:

The first three weeks (Oct. 13-Nov. 5)
3 mile runs during the weekdays (Mondays, Wednesday and/or Fridays) at least two of those per week.
4 mile run on the weekends (Saturdays or Sundays)

The last three weeks (Nov. 6- Nov. 26)
3 mile runs during the week (same as before)
5 mile runs on the weekends

And I'll save the 6.2 miles for the actual race on Nov. 26.

It's gonna be the longest, straightest, flatest 6.2 miles of my life. Long straights with little curves in the road. I'm gonna be so bored. Who wants to run with me? We can sing songs. Or make up stories. Or talk about how we are gonna eat corndogs and funnel cakes from the carnival when we are finished running.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How To Do Things You Should Already Know Wednesdays

Alright. I'm starting a new series called How To Do Things You Should Already Know Wednesday. It's was born out of pure stupidity and dumb luck. Before I tell you today's topic, I must explain why I think it's important to share this imformation with you.

How is it that we as people can get away with knowing so little about some things? This series where I will post stuff every Wednesday is to help us all learn about things we should already know about. ***If you have ideas for this series, please leave a comment. You will not be judge by the lack of knowledge in any subject. This is a learning tool for all of us,  myself included.***

This is a series for the Susie Homemaker impaired, the Honey-Do Husbands without a clue and the college students and young adults who are simply oblivious on things they should already know.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

As always, the roommate and I were sitting at home. She had just got her freshly washed sheets out of the dryer. She looks at me and says, "Hey, google how to fold  a fitted sheet because I'm tired of wadding mine up. Plus it'd be a good thing for us to know."

Something about the idea was instantly intriguing. I don't know if it's the fact that it's something I should know how to do or what. So I got on YouTube and found this little video gem. It's what truly inspired How To Do Things You Should Already Know Wednesdays. Meet Jill, the fitted sheet folding queen.
Clearly Jill makes it look so easy. But the roommate and I made it harder than it actually was. Go figure.

First, we argued over which way was long and which was short. Then, we argued over which corner was the third corner to tuck under. Then we complained about Jill going to fast to keep up. I mean really Jill should take her time. She knows how to fold fitted sheets; we don't.

So here are the highlights of the roommate folding a fitted sheet.

Would you just look at that final product! I mean clearly it won't take up space in the closet of blankets.

If you are currently in disbelief that two young women could not fold a fitted sheet, then you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. I know there is a large number of people out there that have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet, myself and the roommate included. Don't even try to pretend you know how to do it. Just go look in your closet at the wadded up fitted sheets...then you will know for sure if you have a folding problem.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let Us Love Like We Were Children

Good Mornting Blog Friends. I hope you guys had a spectacular weekend. Friday night the roommate and I went to Fayetteville to watch Needtobreathe for the second time in one week. Of course, it was life changing.

We were very happy campers. So much closer to the stage than the last time. And the acoustics of that tent thing we were in were out of this world amazing.

They totally sang my favorite song on their new CD. "The Reckoning" was one of their encore songs. So of course I acted like a total freak when I heard the first cords being played. Go listen to "The Reckoning" the song right now. Do it. Listen to the drums and piano sound after the first verse. #cannothandleit

While at the concert, I did a lot of people watching, which brings me to the next talking point.

New Relationships
Everyone knows the feelings you get when you start a new relationship with someone. I can really only speak about this from a girl's perspective, but I think I can get it right. It's that rush of intense emotion. It makes you nervous and excited and terrified all at the same time.

As I was people watching, I noticed a lot of young couples and the way they acted toward one another. Boyfriends would take their girlfriends hands and lead them through the crowded narrow aisles.

Boys placing their hand on the small of a girl's back while talking to other people. Such a small gesture, but probably one of my most favorites.

There are lots of little gestures boys can do that can cause serious heart palpitations for us girls: Brushing the hair out of our face, the lean in for the hair smell, the whisper in the ear in a crowded room, simply holding hands, the hand on the small of the back (I swoon), cheek kisses, thoughtful text messages or phone calls....I mean the list can go on and on when it's someone you really like.

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with all this. But I think I just needed to tell everyone who has this already to cherish those moments. Those little moments are the ones that build a relationship. I've seen it happen time and time again with my friends, and I've experienced a few of those moments myself.

But after a while, we all tend to take those little gestures from our boyfriend or girlfriend for granted. It becomes something you expect the other to do. And that's where the beauty of the relationship gets lost.

You can call me a hopeless romantic, and I would say that is accurate. Do I believe everyone deserves those little moments and happy gestures? Yes, of course I do.

Everyone needs to know what it feels like to have their breathe taken away by having their hand held by their special someone. For their heart to race when opening a text message that simply says "Have a great day!"

On a more personal note: I've been praying a lot about this recently. Not asking God to give me the perfect man with the perfect life. More like asking God to give me opportunities to meet new people. Reconnect with old friends. Help someone I don't know. Give back to the community. Just praying for opportunities in general.

I felt like my prayers were too specific. Too much to ask for. I found myself getting frustrated when God didn't answer my specific prayers. For almost 24 years, I've been praying these specific prayers.

And then I realized that I had been doing it all wrong. I shouldn't be asking God to make things happen for me. I should be thanking Him for the opportunities He provides me every single day. I've been taking the opportunities for granted. Beautiful, small gestures for granted. God-given opportunities for granted.

So I work on this every day. I pray that God will provide me with opportunities and give me the strenght and understanding to take those opportunities. I'm a work in progress. We all are. And it's a beautiful thing when you think about it that way. He's making me a better person for the man He has chosen for me. #excitingrealization

I thank you so much for reading about this little part of me and where I am in my life. Sometimes I need to just put it out there and see what happens. And it's been a post that was a long time coming. God has been telling me for a while to be more open about where I am in my life so I'm taking that opportunity. Only He knows where it will take me.

Be loving you guys.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A List of Rando Things

1. Today is Logan's birthday. She is 24. It sounds really official, and I guess it is since it's her special day. Don't worry Logan. Give me 4 months and I'll be right there with you. Not really sure, but somehow we've aged. But really, on a true life note: I hope you have the best day ever. You deserve it! Heart you.
2. It's October, and I haven't started writing my thesis proposal. I tell myself it's pay back to UALR for the last year of hell, but in reality I'm just making myself a new hell by putting it off. Seriously, it's gotten out of hand. Someone please help me.

3. We got a completely unnecessary Coke machine at work. How is it that we are building programs promoting healthy lifestyle choices for children and youth and yet provide them with a highway to sugary, carbonated beverages? Seriously something is wrong with that. Oh hey kids, drink water. And there is no water in the Coke machine. WTF?

4. I get to see Needtobreathe again tomorrow night. I think you all know how I feel about that.

5. I haven't run in a week. Because it's fall and the trees are shedding their acorns and leaves, there is a much larger chance that I could run and slip on a shiny leaf with an acorn under it and go face first into the pavement. I already have one cracked tooth. I don't need another.

6. On the note of the cracked tooth, my dental anxiety came back in full force last night when I went to bed. The obsessive thought I keep having is the tooth will disintegrate, and I will have to rock a Hillbilly smile because I don't have $4,000 to get a new tooth. Please pray for my insane dental anxiety and the sanity of my mother who has to hear my rants about losing my tooth forever.

7. I woke up with a massive headache this morning. It's gonna be one of those days where no amount of Advil and caffeine can fix.

8. I need a haircut. When it gets caught in the window that was just rolled up, hung up in the seatbelt and/or the bangs become random hanging strands of hair, something needs to be done. My ponytail's been looking like a well taken care of horse tail. And by that I mean I brush and wash it daily. But something's gotta give. Time. For. A. Haircut.

9. I'm out of things to add to this list. So I'm gonna call it day. I hope you guys have an awesome day.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You'll Never Make It to the Great Unknown

Last night was amazing. If you have a true love of music, you will understand when I say I can't put into words exactly how I felt last night to watch my favorite band ever play on a huge stage and know I would get to meet them after the show was over.

I'm going to do my best with my descriptions, but I can't promise I will be eloquent and charming with my words today. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?
After an hour of sitting at our favorite Starbucks, the roommate and I decided to head toward Verizon Arena. As a avid Needtobreathe Twitter follower, I know they always tweet about buying the CD at a certain merchandise stand and getting a pass to meet them after the show.

As we turned by the baseball field, I saw this.
Yet we did not have the tickets with us. My mom had them in the car with her. So we had to wait. And while we waited, we prayed a lot. I mean who wouldn't want to see this face up close.
After what seemed like an eternity, the tickets were in our hand. We made it through the gates. And we were standing right in front of the merchandise stand outside section 115. We waited in line. A very long, slow-moving line. I was shaking. And praying.

And then it was my turn. I showed the man the tweet and asked if I was in the right place for the meet and greet pass. He said yes. He turned and came back with two CDs and two passes. And that was the moment the roommate and I exploded for the first time last night. I'm not even going to try to lie and say I didn't cry. Because I did let a few tears of excitement go.

Then the show started. I'm pretty sure the girls sitting behind us were pissed because we didn't sit down or stop screaming until Needtobreathe was over.

The playlist was: Keep Your Eyes Open, A Girl Named Tennessee, Drive All Night, Something Beautiful, Lay Em Down and Let Us Love.

Hearing Bear's voice live and the melodies of songs I love was what made my brain explode for the second time. Again, if you are a true lover of music, you will understand what I mean by that. There is something so precious about the moments between one song and another. Like the anticipation and joy collide to make something completely and outrageously wonderful.

Then T. Swift did her hair flipping, hand waving, crowd hugging thing.

And then it was over. And the moment I have waited for, yet never thought would actually happen happened. I was in a room with Needtobreathe. Just a few feet away. I got so close I could have touched their faces, but I didn't so I wouldn't get arrested and ruin the moment.

I snuck these pictures before the Rent-A-Cop saw me. And then it was my turn. I had to think of something meaningful to say to my most favorite band. All I could think of was the way the drums and piano sound in the song "The Reckoning," and I had to tell them. So I did just that.

I told them I loved what they were doing. And that nobody understands it (in a good way). They said thank you numerous times. And Joe the drummer told me the drums in that song were made up by him, Seth and Bo.

I made eye contact with Bear and forgot how to think and speak. Seth was very quite, and Bo looked me in the eye and thanked me for coming. It was one of the best moments in my life thus far.

I got to listen to Needtobreathe live and meet them and get their autographs and tell them a very small bit of my great love of their music. Be still my heart.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cut Me a Break

I went to the game. I got to see some of my long lost friends. I stayed up too late. And it was all too good.

Who loves UCA's new gray and purple field? Not this girl. All my athletic fees down the drain. I mean green turf would have been a whole lot more pleasant to look at, but I guess the UCA Board of Directors thought purple and gray would be more appropriate. Now instead of grass stains, our players get plastic turf burn on their bare arms. Awesome.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm currently in a state of depression and mourning. I have to get another crown on my front tooth. While it's not directly in the front (it's two away from the center), I have to crown a perfectly good tooth without decay because I was dumb and made a poor decision when it came to eating a Jolly Rancher.

We all know I have serious dental anxiety. And we all know about my former gold tooth. So my immediate fear was that I would rock a gold front tooth for two weeks. Thankfully, that is not the case. My dentist doesn't hate me. But she is concerned that my tooth will split from the crack the Jolly Rancher made. So the crown is the only safe way to go.

Saturday I tried to self-medicate the throbbing with tequila.
And I continued self-medication with Bud Light Lime and a shot of tequila. Unfortunately, it didn't work too well.

Then I decided soup would be a safe bet for the whole chewing problem.
Cheesy potato soup was a good idea. Very delicious. The leftovers will be my lunch today. (If you want the recipe, leave a message in the comments section so I remember to do it tomorrow.)

I also tried retail therapy as a form of self-soothing, but that didn't work either. I did get a sweet pair of sunglasses and an awesome shirt from the new J. Crew. (I will show you these items tomorrow.)

Despite the mourning and break cutting, today will be wonderful for one major reason. It's the Taylor Swift and Needtobreathe concert tonight. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. You may remember me purchasing tickets back in April. And on an even happier note, the week continues to get better because I will see Needtobreathe again on Friday in Fayetteville because they will be playing with Ben Rector. Be still my heart.

I also get my Garmin Forerunner my dad scored with reward points from Yet another slight victory on the road to recovery.

How was your weekend?

What do you have to look forward to this week?