Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Official...I can run.

Today I ran the most I've ever ran at one time (since graduating high school). My street is set-up with two blocks on, and I ran both blocks without stoping. Talk about an accomplishment.

As you know, I have been exercising since January so I should be in better shape. I was going to go to the HYPR today to do my usual workout, but I didn't have enough change to pay for the meter. So I went home. And instead of eating something, I decided to go for a little run...just to see how much I've improved since the last time I ran.

Well I ran two whole blocks without stopping, and then walked a short way and then ran a whole other block (which was up-hill). I felt great I had done it, but now my body is mad. I'm achy and sore...all the things I hate about working out. BUT I did run more than I've ran in years.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let me help others

I'm sorry I've been slacking on the blogging. Over the weekend I was busy and for most of this week I've not been feeling well. So now that's out of the way...

Not much has been going on...Besides the fact that Lost is my new favorite show. I've been watching it on with limited commercial breaks. Hulu is the best invention ever. Endless amounts of shows...and in this case every single episode of every season of Lost. AMAZING!!!

I'm thinking about becoming a volunteer for Make A Wish foundation or Habitat for Humanity. I looked over each of the volunteer forms last night, and I just don't know how to pick between the two.

Those of you who know me probably doubt my abilities to help build a house, but there are other things I can do for them. They have a media committee where I could write stuff and do things for PR purposes. I just really like the idea of building houses for those who are less fortunate than I am. I think I would be good at all of the other aspects (fundraising, recruiting, PR, etc.) and I wouldn't mind trying my hand at a little construction. :)

With Make A Wish foundation, I could be a volunteer wish granter. How awesome would that be? It would be so fulfilling to meet a child, get to know he/her, figure out how to grant the wish of their dreams and then grant it. My hopes would be that I'm so good at it and I love it so much that the organization would give me a permanent position.

I feel like I need to be doing something else with my time. I've been so active in college, and with graduation looming I need to figure out what my next step should be. While most of you probably think I should be thinking about jobs, I feel like doing something to benefit others and not necessarily myself first will lead me to the place I'm suppose to be next.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some days are tough

Concentration is something I lack some days. Not everyday, but some. Most of the time I can concentrate on a task and get it done. Other days it takes me hours to accomplish one little thing.

Let's talk about today.

Today I had a hard time concentrating. It took me 3 hours to write an editorial. My brain just couldn't do it. It was not wanting to think about forming an argument. Not very opinionated on a good day, but today was especially diffcult to crank out a piece of work.

I'm never really satisfied with what I write. I would spend days and days working on something and not want to turn it in. There is always going to be something wrong with it. I don't ever want to turn anything in for my editorials and reviews class. I just don't think I'm good at opinion writing. I have to really love something or really hate something to have an you see my reasoning for taking the class.

Well it challenged me today. I sat and typed and re-typed and worded and re-worded sentences for what seemed like forever....and all for what you may ask? I wrote it for other people to rip my opinion apart. Yep. That is basically it.

Yes, favorite teacher. I know you will probably read this. Your class is hard for me. This most recent topic was super hard for me. It's not your fault...You are trying to make me a better writer...I know. Trying to remember what not to do makes producing something that much more difficult.

Let me just say....I have not felt confident in any editorial I have handed in this semester. It's not that everyone's are just super awesome and mine aren't...because we are all usually about the same...with the exception of a few here and there. We all have our off days. Well this week will have to be mine.

While the idea of editorials seems inspiring and exciting, I've come to realize I get my worst writer's block in this area. Does it ever go away? Am I ever gonna feel good about one I turn in?

****Note to teacher*****


I do like your class. Today it was just extra difficult for me (even though we didn't actually have class today). I spend a lot of time thinking and doing homework and reading for your class. I'm learning...even if it doesn't show up in my editorials. I still trying to figure out the rules and how to apply them. Ok. Great.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My new love of the snow day

I know what I said about snow. I don't really like it, but I've been lucky enough to enjoy a Friday with a cancelled class, a birthday on Saturday, a Sunday of rest and relaxation and a Monday and Tuesday of snow and no school. LUCKY!!!

This is the most snow I think I've ever seen in Arkansas in my life. I'm from Southeast Arkansas, and it doesn't really snow much down there. I've been in Central Arkansas going to school for the past three and a half years, and pretty much whatever weather is coming into the state is going straight through Faulkner county.

Yesterday I made a snowman, and he is legit. Three snow balls (small, medium and large) make up the body. Two sticks for arms. Two pieces of charcoal for the eyes and one carrot for a nose. Lets not forget the sweet argyle scarf wrapped round the makeshift neck. He is pretty great.

I also made two snow angels and had a snowball fight with my roommates. Good times when it snows. But just like with the last snow day, I find myself having a craving I can't shake. All I wanted was a Dr. Pepper and some gaucamole.

Even though I got to make snow ice cream, which is delicious by the way, I couldn't get the idea of the spicy green delightful dip and carbonated beverage out of my head.

And guess what? I can't drive anywhere. The roads are covered in a snowy, icy mess. So just like the Big Mac from the last snow day, I will have to do without....for a little while longer. Just til I can get to the store to get the fixing for the gaucamole and baby cans of Dr. Pepper.

Well enough about that, I slacked yesterday with my working out. So I have to make up for it today. I'm going to do my regular workout with Bob and add the next 10 minute crazy fast workout with Jillian. Good thing the roads are covered in snow because I will officially be unable to move after this workout. Sore I come.

Friday, February 5, 2010

For You To Act Like This

Why is it that people dislike (and fear) journalists so much? I don't really understand it. We are just trying to get the facts, put everything together and then deliver a message. That is it. Good journalists don't try to purposefully attack people. Now if a person did something wrong and a journalist finds out those facts are true, it is our job to report the truth, even if it is unpopular.

In the past year, my school has undergone two significant budget cuts. So it is important for the school publication to report those facts and figures to the public. I had a lot of trouble getting the administration to cooperate with me during the first round of cuts. It took me a month and a half to get enough information to actually write a story worth reading. Three of those weeks I spent interviewing and getting nothing. No one wanted to talk...or at least no one wanted to be the first person to talk. Long story short, I finally got enough information, wrote the story and now it's done.

Well that is what I thought. The state made a second round of budget cuts on my school in January. Since I am the school paper's budget "expert" (ha ha ha), I was asked to help the reporter with this budget story. So this morning at 8 a.m. I had an interview with the Provost. I've met with him before, and he was the one who made the last story worthy of publication. He gave me all the numbers and all of the facts as it pertained to academics.

So I had a meeting with him this morning, and I get there about 15 minutes early. My appointment was at 8:15 a.m., and when the secretary tells him I am here this is what he does: He looks at a co-worker, and say something about that girl from the paper. And the other guy has the nerve to say something about the "stupid press always wanting something" and then a "good luck".

Clearly I am in hearing distance of this little attack. Mr. Provost turns to leave the office, and he sees me sitting there. He turns a brilliant shade of red and smiles the biggest smile he could muster. He tries to make small talk as we go into his office, and I can tell he is super nervous.

It amazes me that a 40 something year old man is terrified of an almost 22 year old student. And it all because of the power of my pen. I love that. LOVE IT! It is nice to know I scare him because he knows he has no control over what I choose to write down.

Now being the honest journalist that I am, I want to get every single thing he says written down. I try not to get confused and miss words or key phrases. I would never cheat him out of what he wanted to say about the budget...even though his co-worker seems to find my lacking in knowledge.

Well listen up Mr. Provost. I am well versed in the ways of the University budget. I spent hours and hours going over material, interviewing and researching just to get the best information I could. Next to the people in the administration and the reporter from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, I know probably the most out of any other person (with the help of an amazing teacher who translates budget lingo for me).

I didn't come to your office at 8 a.m. for you to crack jokes with your buddy on my time. I didn't take time out of my morning for you to act like that. As far as I am concerned, I have established my credibility as a journalist with the last budget story. So I should be treated with a little respect. Ok. Thank you. I would greatly appreciate a little consideration. I'm just trying to do my job.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Defining Words is one of my favorite Web sites. There are so many words people come up with that are really good, and there are some that just really suck.

I love it because it has a word of the day. Today's word is urbaning. which means to look up one's name on to see what it means and then updating it on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

Well, I'm guilty of urbaning, but I didn't put it on Facebook. My name means "the most sexiest, awesome person alive. The best friend you could ever ask for". And I urbaned all my friends and even my mom. It is really great. You should try it.

I have found that urban dictionary is a weird kind of stress reliever. It's funny to read what people think words mean. I also like to find new words to use in my every day jargon. You know that college kid jargon with a lot of likes and umms and huhs. Well I'm trying to branch out, break free of those horrid pause fillers.....but I am still guilty. Some days it's just hard to talk. Give me a do it, too.

Birthday celebration is tomorrow night. Birthday day is Saturday...going home to be with my family. YAY!!! I'm going to eat some of the best food. My family is full of great cooks.Really great cooks. They've taught me a lot about food and how to make it taste good, and for that I am thankful.

I've got a good weekend ahead of me, and I'm looking forward to it. Friday with the best of friends. Saturday with the family. Sunday back to the old grind.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not too interesting

Nothing good has been happening to me lately. I've been really busy with school. You know writing and reading. Trying to stay up on my current events.

I'm going to set up reservations for my birthday dinner today and call to set up guitar lessons. Yes, I have a guitar. Do I know how to play it? Not really, but I like to pretend.

I like to pretend I can play the opening to "Sweet Child of Mine", "Wanted Dead or Alive" and anything John Mayer. And someone has got to teach me. I love music so much, and it sucks that I can't play even a hint of a song on my sweet guitar.

I got my guitar for Christmas this year from my dad. We both like music a lot, just different kinds...we agree on the classic rock though. Anyway, it is really pretty and it would sound like an angel if I knew what I was doing.

I can almost play a G chord to an E major chord, but my fingers are not very flexy so it makes it difficult to switch from chord to chord quickly. BUT I'm working on it. Apparently I have to get good quick because my mom wants me to play a Christmas cantata next year. I know it seems like a lot of time, but Christmas will be here before we know it.

So that it really it as of now. Just school, birthday and guitar. Maybe something great will happen soon so I can write about it. I'm sure you are getting bored with the same old stories of school, stress and Bob (who by the way is still kicking my butt).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Media History = BUST

Whoever said Media History was going to be interesting and easy is a big liar. I've sat through I don't know how many classes, and I've learned slim to none on the topic of media history. I'm sure all of the professors in the Mass Communication department were itching to teach the class, but the guy that is teaching is not at all what I expected him to be.

Here is what I expected out of a Media History professor: A short, slightly balding man with a lisp who would talk 50 minutes straight on dates and facts that make up today's media history. I expected powerpoints with lecture. Reading assignments out of boring books. Writing summaries of chapters. And taking tests based on dates and facts. DATES AND FACTS. This is what media history is...isn't it?

Well this is what I got: A short, slightly balding man who talks about hardly ever says a date or fact. Lectures over Greek mythology. No actual hard copies of news happenings (everything is sent via e-mail). And hardly any feedback on the e-mails you provide once a week.

We sent 2 weeks talking about Greek mythology. Socrates. Plato. Alexander the Great. Trojan War. Helen of Troy. The Illiad. Homer.

If I wanted to take a Greek mythology course, I would have signed up for one. And he gets upset that we don't know anything about that kind of stuff. Sir, we are all journalism/mass communication majors with little to no interest in Greek mythology/history.

None of us know what is going on in there. We just sit and watch the clock, and those people that can't see the clock sit and watch the others watch the clock. It is pure torture.

All I'm saying is that I signed up for Media History. I like learning about the media. I like some elements of history. So Media History seemed like a perfect choice for me. Not really. And the worst part about it is I have to regenerate stuff he talks about in lecture to media on essay test. Great. It's really great.