Thursday, October 21, 2010

When one door closes, a window opens

This has been a tough week. On Sunday I found out a long-time high school friend died in a car accident. This is the first classmate and second young friend who has passed away in the last five years. So needless to say, I have not been myself lately.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Murray Family during this difficult time.

Yesterday I went to the funeral, which was basically a class reunion under terrible circumstances. Everyone was there. The entire church was packed. Standing room only. He would have loved that.

So I find myself taking stock of my life. What is important to me? What do I love? What makes me happy? All of this is important to know because I would hate to say I've had almost 23 years to live this life, and what have I done...because nothing but God keeps me here on this earth, waking up every day. Who knows when He will call me home?

Enough of the morbid talk, but I have been thinking about what makes me happy or use to make me happy. I have little time to spare with school and work dominating my life, but I want to start taking a ballet class.

I took ballet for 15 years, and I really loved it. I loved the music, the grace of the movements, and its relaxing quality. It was a structured kind of creative. Something that could be taught and perfected over time. Something that forced discipline to mind and body. But at the same time, it was so beautiful and full of life and spirit.

I have been thinking about it for a while, how I want to dance. But now my want to has been turned into more of a need to. I feel like I need to have some kind of outlet for my school/work/other areas that cause me stress. I want to do something I truly love and appreciate. I want to dance, have warm-ups on the bar, get lost in the wordless music with my mind focusing only in the moment and what my feet are doing.

Life is short, even when it is long. But it can get cut shorter because of unexpected events or incidents. We should be doing something we love along with the stuff we have to do. Make a conscious effort to review your life to this point. Look at it from all aspects. Remember what you use to do, but don't anymore. Bring back the childhood memories so Coke floats or Cracker Jacks. Find something you love and incorporate it into your life. Maybe it's something old, or maybe it's something new. Who knows?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

October is full of good things

Susan G. Komen was a success. I finished the race along with 9865874875 other women. And it was just like I remember...with the exception of a really attractive fireman. He was about the greatest thing I saw all day.

The best support sign said "Save the War on My Rack" Race for the Cure 2010. HAHA! So clever and somehow absolutely appropriate.

My legs are sore now, and it has turned into a pleasantly lazy Saturday. I am truly enjoying it. My brain and body were in need of a break. And the rest of the weekend poses the same trend...except maybe tonight.

I will be attending a wedding shower of a sorority sister. If things go as they normally would, I will wake up hung over and be hazy of the details. But it will be a good time, no matter the outcome.

Tomorrow is also a pretty laid back day. We are going to the corn maze. I know it sounds like it could be a stressful event, but sometimes you just have to roll with it. Good friends and good conversation can get you through anything.

My sorority is also having an alum function, the first alum function where I will actually count as an alumna. So crazy. There will be new girls I don't know, who will be scared to come talk to me because I am old (and I wasn't there when they got in...therefore not as cool). How unfortunate.

But until the excitment happens, I think I will spend the day lounging and watching Sandra and Hugh in "Two Weeks Notice"...makes for a pretty good day!

Until next time...

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Eve of Komen

Tomorrow is the big day. Susan G Komen Race for the Cure is happening tomorrow morning bright and early, and it is one thing I love getting up early for.

Arkansas's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is the third largest race in the United States. It is kind of hard to believe that so many men and women come out to support the same cause. It is just amazing.

Every year when I'm walking over the Broadway Bridge I get misty-eyed. It is such an amazing sight to see all those women coming together to do something for the greater good. And it is even more amazing to see all the men who line the city streets to support all the women racing. It is something everyone should participate in once in their lives.

This year is my fifth year to "race". However, I am not running, just walking. One of these days I will run. But until then...

In preparation for Komen, I went on a little jog yesterday to get my mind right. Even though I'm not running, I still need to be on my game. Otherwise, I'll get ran over.

So today, the eve of Komen, I want to say thank you to all who participate in the event. Whether you're a runner, a walker, a survivor or just a donor, everything you do helps breast cancer patients and puts us one step closer to a cure. I applaude your efforts and wish you the best on this beautiful day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's been happening?

I have been not writing for a while, but I do have good reasons (if there ever were any). I was graduating from my alma mater, getting ready for graduate school, looking for a job and moving all at the same time.

I did graduate college, start grad school, get a job and move. So that is pretty productive considering I have neglected to write, but now I am back. Maybe less frequent posts will keep my brain full of ideas.

So lets start with topic one: Graduate school...the biggest happening in my life as of now.

Grad school is not what I thought it was going to be. While I knew it wasn't an extention of undergrad, I thought there would be some similarities. Hardly any is more like it.

Gone are the days of editorial writing, city council meetings and rushing to turn stories in for the school newspaper, now I welcome the scholarly articles, summaries, pointless outlines and seminars. Like I said, not in any way, shape or form like undergrad work.

I do find it challenging and intellectually stimulating, but I miss the classes of hands-on work, reporting and writing. I do still read, write and report, but on a totally different level. It seems like everything I learned as an undergrad doesn't count.

For example, commas. Journalistic style has special uses for commas, as in using them less frequent. Serial commas are a big no no. My rule of thumb is less is more, and over time I have become pretty consistent with this rule.

Rules for comma usage in grad school...USE THEM EVERYWHERE!!!! Serial commas are a must (it is part of academic writing...which is now what I am doing).

I must say academic writing is for the birds. Being consistent should count for something, and I am in a graduate program for JOURNALISM!!!

So that having been said, I am tired of talking about grad school. I feel like it is all I ever talk about because it is consuming my life, which I guess is what's suppose to happen when aiming for success. But I didn't sign up to be an academic, I signed up for this to be a well-rounded journalist and person....and to buy some time to look for a full-time job.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Long Time Coming...

So sorry I have been absent. Just trying to get my life together....but while I was gone, I did have some success at that.

I graduated from college, got my first job and started graduate school. Some things are still "under construction" (as in my love life). I just don't need to have a boy messing up my set goals, but I do think it would be a nice distraction sometimes.

MY FUTURE PROMISE: I will try to blog at least three times a week. I know my family really enjoyed reading this. My roommate is venturing into the world of Twitter, and she is becoming a master Twitter-er. So I am going to try to do better.

That having been said, more to come...