Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, The Third Day

So I'd thought I'd brighten your rainy day with some stuff I haven't told you yet. I bet you'll get a kick out of this. Let's start with the weekend, shall we?

I had a sleepover with the Bit on Saturday night. Sunday morning we put red lipstick on and watched cartoons.
Then I taught her how to throw the crown. My ASA sisters would be so proud. That's a future ladybug right there.

On Sunday afternoon, the roommate and I went to hike the base trail at Pinnacle Mountain. I needed a redemption hike after I tried to run that trail on my birthday. It turns out slow really is the new fast, or at least it is for me when it comes to trail running.

I spent the beginning of the week working in the hometown. It's amazing how I work and check stuff off the to-do-list, and yet nothing really gets done. Is this what adulthood is all about? If so, I need to see more direct payoff. Some cause and effect stuff. You know what I mean?

I've been itching to run, but the weird Arkansas weather has struck again. During my hike on Sunday, it was a sunny 67 degrees. Yesterday a winter storm blew in, and there's ice and rain and sleet and wind everywhere. I don't do winter. Winter and I don't get along. So my running has been at a low this week...I'm gonna hop on the dreadmill this afternoon to get in a few miles.

I'm also going to hit up Kroger for this beauty.
I haven't told you, but I've been pretty much vegan since January 1. During my training for St. Jude's half marathon, I had a lot of stomach issues. While I realize that is to be expected, it seemed like mine were excessive. If I wasn't having stomach issues, I was worried about having stomach the cycle was pushed forth.

So I gave up meat and dairy. Cold turkey.

I said I would do it for a full month and reassess the situation. And I did.

I felt great. Lots more energy. Always the right amount of full, never miserable after a meal. And my running was at an all-time best. No stomach problems. Not even on my longest runs.

Now making the commitment to give up milk, cheese, eggs, meat and all things with those things in them was a huge step. There was a week where I only thought about cheese. Stringy, melted cheese atop everything on a plate in front of me.

And the whole month, I dreamed of eggs. Scrambled, fried, poached, omelet. You name it. I wanted it. It's funny because before January, I would have told you I didn't like eggs. But I was singing a different tune come mid-January. I LOVE EGGS.

In fact, I love them so much they are really the only animal product I've worked back into my diet. And I'm not proud to say this, but on Saturdays after long runs I would eat eggs for second breakfast. (All runners love second breakfast...can I get an amen?)

To tell you the absolute truth, it's not that hard to be vegan. It's more difficult when you go out to eat, but it can still be done. And I've found that my body has a hard time processing lots of dairy, especially cheese. And I don't really miss anything. They, whoever "they" are, make really amazing alternatives to meat and dairy products.

So there it is. Stuff I've neglected to tell you. But I didn't want to share until I knew exactly how I felt about it.

I guess I could rename the blog to Little Vegan Runner...

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  1. I've given up dairy as well, except I still have the occasional hard cheese. I don't think the human bodies know how to digest cow's milk unfortunately! I've gone with soy and rice milk because I couldn't handle the taste of almond milk... :(