Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Love Note to The Bit

Bit started her last chemo treatment yesterday. 

Looking back at the past year, it's just amazing how the Big Guy works. I am truly in awe of Him and how He worked through a sweet little girl. 

Bit is the most resilient child I've ever known. And my love for her is something I can't put into words. 

Her sweet voice, hotter-than-the-sun bald head and infectious giggle are just a few of many things about her and this whole journey that remind me of all that is good in this world. 

She gives me hope. Hope to overcome things that seem impossible. Hope to be brave when I'd rather not be. Hope that my child-like ability to love and trust people is not lost. 

My life has forever changed. 

The good Lord used a four-year-old to put my life into perspective. Some things just aren't that big of a deal. And worrying is not going to make any situation better. 

But trusting in the Big Guy, knowing that He is in control of everything and actually seeing Him do His work....Now that's important. Loving people just because He made them....That's important, too. 

Thank you for the support this past year. 

Thank you for the bold prayers. 

Thank you for the unconditional love you've each shown to this child. 


I mean it. 

From the bottom of my heart.

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