Thursday, August 15, 2013

Busy on the Lake

Y'all, Arkansas is beautiful.
The lake is beautiful.

I'm a fan of big bodies of water. My first favorite being the sea. All other bodies of water fail to compare, but I do love a good boat ride on a lake. Which is what I did over the weekend.

I also kayaked for the first time.

Hello new favorite hobby.

My shoulders were so sore, but in the best possible way. I didn't take my phone with me for the kayak trip because let's be honest...I would probably never see it again. It would be at the bottle of Lake Catherine.

Thankfully, the ole phone stayed safe in the car. But I'm still bummed I don't have pictures to share of my cheesin' face in a bright orange kayak.

The only thing that could have made the kayaking experience better was having a beer during paddling breaks. And listening to this song.
I've been tapping into my country roots here recently. The roommate and I listened to this song about 100 times on Saturday and Sunday. It was awesome. You think we'd be tired of it, but not quite.

It was an excellent weekend. Kayaking on Saturday. Lake happenings on Sunday. Running in the rain on Monday. All of my favorite things.

This weekend is also going to be awesome.

Buffalo River here we come.

The roommate and I have been trying to plan a float trip for five summers, and every year it falls through. Not this year. We finally have a small group of good peeps lined up to float the Buffalo. This will be my first time, and I'm super excited.

The kayaking really set the stage for the float trip. I've been day dreaming about it all week. I've even been stalking my really adventurous friends on Facebook to see how it's really done. I doubt we will encounter any rapids. From what I read, the Buffalo is rather tame.

Tame or not, I think we will come back with some good stories to share.

Have you ever floated the Buffalo? Kayaked? 

What's your favorite big body of water?

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