Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's been happening?

I have been not writing for a while, but I do have good reasons (if there ever were any). I was graduating from my alma mater, getting ready for graduate school, looking for a job and moving all at the same time.

I did graduate college, start grad school, get a job and move. So that is pretty productive considering I have neglected to write, but now I am back. Maybe less frequent posts will keep my brain full of ideas.

So lets start with topic one: Graduate school...the biggest happening in my life as of now.

Grad school is not what I thought it was going to be. While I knew it wasn't an extention of undergrad, I thought there would be some similarities. Hardly any is more like it.

Gone are the days of editorial writing, city council meetings and rushing to turn stories in for the school newspaper, now I welcome the scholarly articles, summaries, pointless outlines and seminars. Like I said, not in any way, shape or form like undergrad work.

I do find it challenging and intellectually stimulating, but I miss the classes of hands-on work, reporting and writing. I do still read, write and report, but on a totally different level. It seems like everything I learned as an undergrad doesn't count.

For example, commas. Journalistic style has special uses for commas, as in using them less frequent. Serial commas are a big no no. My rule of thumb is less is more, and over time I have become pretty consistent with this rule.

Rules for comma usage in grad school...USE THEM EVERYWHERE!!!! Serial commas are a must (it is part of academic writing...which is now what I am doing).

I must say academic writing is for the birds. Being consistent should count for something, and I am in a graduate program for JOURNALISM!!!

So that having been said, I am tired of talking about grad school. I feel like it is all I ever talk about because it is consuming my life, which I guess is what's suppose to happen when aiming for success. But I didn't sign up to be an academic, I signed up for this to be a well-rounded journalist and person....and to buy some time to look for a full-time job.

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