Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Set Your Glutes on Fire

Step 1: Find a Pure Barre class in your area.
Step 2: Sign up for a class.
Step 3: Go to class.
Step 4: Feel awkward gyrating your hips in front of a mirror.
Step 5: Try not to make eye contact with people close to you.
Step 6: Stretch.
Step 6: Leave Pure Barre.

Y'all, I seriously am having a hard time walking. Going from sitting to standing or vice versa is a total nightmare. I literally had to roll out of my bed this morning. I let out little yelps every time I have to squat down to do something at work. Sometimes I even physically pick up my legs and move them because they are so sore. I wish I was kidding about that last one.

While it doesn't look like much more than pelvis gyrating for 55 minutes, I can honestly say I got a good workout. My PT would be proud I'm working on my weak glutes, which are a pitfall for runners.

Since I've been home from work tonight, I've set myself up with a rigorous schedule of Pure Barre classes, yoga classes and running workouts. I am going to become a machine. A fit machine. Plus I know yoga made me a better runner, and I'm hoping Pure Barre will just add that little bit of glute and hip strength I need to get back to running like my old self. The things we runners do to run healthy and injury free.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to a sunset yoga class. I'm hoping it helps me stretch out my sore muscles. Lord knows I need it.

I'm also trying to eat the contents of my fridge since I'll be moving in exactly one month. Gonna be a lot of weird combos happening at my house. Like eggs with a side of rice. Or black beans and yogurt. Typing that last one made me feel a little queasy. Whatever the combo, I'll just back it up with a few of my favorite candies.
I had to pick my legs up off the couch to go get these babies from the kitchen. It was well worth it, my friends. Well worth it.

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