Monday, January 18, 2010

The First One.

I've been having this reoccuring feeling to start a blog. I wasn't sure what it would be about, but I just kept having the thought that it is something I should do. So today...I started blogging.

I have decided that for me to be successful at this I need to have some sort of purpose or identity that people can relate to. So this blog is about my day-to-day life, all the good and the bad that my daily self comes in contact with. It may not always be the most exciting thing to read each day, but at least I'm here it goes...the first one.

As I've grown up, I have began to notice that life is not always what it seems it would be. Things happen that you can't understand. People come in and out of your life. Things change. It's always something...

My college graduation is looming...5 more months to be percise. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself. School has been my comfort zone for most of my life. I've alway been good at school. As dorky as it sounds, I actually like learning new things. I like the challenges of college...It's what I know. I feel safe in my little comfort zone.

I don't know if the real world is going to be as forgiving. I want to be succesful in life. I want to work hard in a job I love and in an organization I care about. But it is just so scary. I'm about to make a huge life change, and I'm scared to death. How does one go about getting an entry level position? When is it time to start applying for jobs? What does one need to do to be successful?

Questions like those boggle my brain every single day. I had my first breakdown today on the phone with my mom. She has always been the one I go to when I can't quite figure it out on my own.

Guess what? My mother had little to no advice for me in the job area...although she did give me a very encouraging your-life-will-be-fine-and-you-will-find-the-perfect-job speech. She made me feel a little better, but I still have all the same questions I had before.

I'm sure I'll get everything figured out, and I have 5 months to prepare myself for what is to come. It's scary, but I am ready....just got to get all my questions answered first.

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