Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Work is the Prison for Good People

How is it that it is the day before Thanksgiving and I am still cooped up inside this building. I would much rather be spending time with my family.

I have a lot of things to do this holiday weekend.

1. Put up the Jones' Family Christmas tree.
2. Start working on a research paper.
3. Finish a book.
4. Write 2 book reports.
5. Eat as much Thanksgiving food as I possibly can.
6. Go downtown to see what the festivities are like in the hometown.
7. Finish all the homework.
8. Decorate our Christmas tree.

And of course there is always sleep and other daily activities. But I have to be at work until at the latest 3:30 p.m. My brain will explode by then, I just know it.

So that is how I have gotten to this very valid conclusion that work is the prison for the good people of the world. I'm not saying I don't like my job because most days I do, but my holiday spirit is getting the best of me today. So let us all go home boss lady. Close this prison early please. Until next time...

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