Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update: Low White Blood Cell Count

You Prayer Warriors have been out praying in full force this weekend. Thank you so much. Really I can't say that enough. On Friday, Asher was put back in the hospital for a fever. After checking her counts, we found out she had basically bottomed out, which was to be expected after the first chemo treatment.
The first few days back in the hospital were full of fever ups and downs, blood count checks and things like that. Visitors were limited because germs of any kind would be detrimental to Asher's health right now because white blood cells fight infection. These last few days the sweet girl has been more like herself. I saw her on Sunday and she was just like normal...minus the ever-present Daphne.

The update as of this morning was her white blood cell count needs to be at 500, and they are currently at 376. So please pray for a speedy recovery so Asher can get back on her feet and out and about.

In other news:

Kelley Freeland of Afternoon Frolic is donating 50 percent of her jewelry sales for the month of June to the Asher Ray Benefit Fund.
Kelley's handmade jewelry and photography prints can be purchased at www.afternoonfrolic.com.

Visit Kelley's Web site to view the pieces she has for sale, and place an order if you like what you see. It's for a good cause, I promise.


If you ordered a necklace from Kathy, (here is a link to the post about Kathy's necklaces) she is working on them. Kathy's son was recently in a car accident so if you haven't heard from her yet, you will very soon. Please pray her son and their family as he makes his recovery. If you didn't leave your contact information (an e-mail address or phone number) with me, please do so. Kathy will contact you as a follow up for your order.


I know you guys have been seeing the pink, purple and blue Asher bracelets. We are currently waiting on another shipment. And once I get them, I will distribute them to the wonderful people who are getting them out there to the mass of supporters. Please hang tight. I promise we will get them to you.

If you have any questions regarding Kelley, Kathy and/or the Asher bracelets, please feel free to contact me. I will put you in touch with whoever you need to talk to, and I will do my best to get things squared away for you. My e-mail address is ashten.adamson@gmail.com, or you can find me on Facebook.

Have a great Tuesday! #prayforAsher


  1. Braclets should be here today. Let Stephanie know how we can get u some.

    1. YAY!! What great news! So exciting. I will call her today.

  2. DeWitt wants bracelets. I'm Becki Cullipher, a teacher of Justin's. I go to church with Jimmy and Becky. I'd love to sell these here.

    1. Consider it done. I will get in touch with Becky to get your contact information. Thank you!

    2. I can also meet and give Bracelets if need to.

  3. I live in El Dorado, used to live in Stuttgart. I have been praying for Asher. I would live to get some bracelets to distribute. I will just buy them for my prayer warrior friends. THanks!

    Libby Kloap

  4. Thank u Libby. Just let me know how i can get them to u.

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