Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Countdown

In honor of the Christmas season, the roommate and I thought we'd send out Christmas cards. Well the cards ended up being photos on Facebook and Twitter.

The photos are so jubilant we thought it would be a great way to countdown to Christmas with a new photo every day. (Go follow the roommate on Twitter @samsimp so you can see the photo a day.) Since the idea was birthed late last night, I'm a little late about advertising it on the ole blog. Don't worry I'm going to make up for it today.
So cold outside.
Joy is found in a Christmasy home.
So be on the look out for each day's Christmas cheer photo. I also have another surprise for you. Two Christmases ago, the roommate and I made a Christmas video where we sang Christmas carols. At the end of the video, the roommate made up a little Christmas ditty dedicated to Santa, and I sang back up.

Because it's Christmas and because I love you, I'm going to let you watch it.
Merry Christmas friends! Be lovin' you.

Thoughts on the song for Santa?

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