Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Big News

I passed my thesis proposal defense.
That satisfactory check mark means I can now "officially" being my thesis. But in reality I started writing it over a year ago. I have two of the three chapters complete...somewhat. Some things will have to be added to beef them up to thesis status and make them coherent, but I feel like a million bucks knowing that I am approved and ready to being this new chapter in my life.

Tomorrow night is my last class ever. I will never sit in another classroom or turn in homework weekly ever again. The thesis will be done on my own time so I'm the only one accountable for that. So who wants to help me get it done...Just kidding.

Now let me tell you a story: We have absolutely no food to make a meal in our house. The roommate, Chelsey and I ate worse than college freshmen last night.

My dinner included: popcorn, edamame, raisins and a peanut butter and jelly thin bagel. News flash: That is not a meal. Not even a little bit. Clearly I'm starving. I am going to the store today. I have to go. The cabinets are bare.

So I'm going to fix that before I go home. I will have food in my cabinets, and all the dishes will be out of my sink by the end of the day.

In preparation for half marathon training, I have got to clean up my eating routine. And I have got to start running again. Hopefully I will be able to do that at the beginning of the week. I'm going to get all my ducks in a row for that this week. Maybe pick up some new running shorts or a tank top...Cause I need to buy more stuff.

I was asked by the lovely Paige from Approaching Joy (BTW show Paige some love and check out her blog. She is pretty awesome, and she is also a fellow Arkansas girl.) to write up a post about running tips for beginners after I wrote the Running and Learning post. So now that my life is slowing down considerably, I will finally be able to write the beginner running post I've wanted to write for so long. So be on the lookout for that tomorrow.

Tell me something good.

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  1. Whoop whoop for approval!
    And for life slowing down!
    And for teaching slackers like me to run!
    And because it's Thursday and surely there's a drink special somewhere! Hope you're taking full advantage of that.