Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Waiting for Summer

In exactly 5 hours, I will be defending my thesis proposal to my graduate committee. I am so nervous. The possibilities of what they will say about my work are endless. And this is just the beginning. Remember it's just the proposal. They have the power to make me change anything about it that they see fit. Yeah, I know. The gravity of the situation is upon us, or I should say me.

But besides that major thing happening today, I do have some good news to share with you.
Critical Methods paper is complete.

Let's recap the semester so you know exactly what I put myself through:

  • 27 page, 9,373 word original research paper
  • Nine page thesis proposal
  • Four books 
  • Four book critiques
  • Seven text book chapters
  • Seven chapter synopses
  • Six assignments
  • Seven online posts
  • Approximately 10 scholarly articles for online post submissions
And now you know why I'm officially crazy. School will do that to you. It will.

To help with my paper writing over the weekend, I bought myself some happy little daisies. And I moved them from my desk to my chair by the window as I did various school activities over the last few days. They are still so beautiful and happy. 

I've raised half my goal amount for St. Jude's half marathon. If you want to donate to the cause, just go right here and leave any amount that you like. Small donations are welcome...meaning just cause other people donated $100 doesn't mean you have to do that. 

I absolutely need these blush woven shoes. Absolutely NEED them. 

Ok, so after today's thesis defense...Who's taking me out for a drink? Any takers?

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