Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Heartfelt Thank You


I mean it's really all I can say. WOW. I am in awe of you. The amount of love and support shown to Asher, Susan and Justin, as well as everyone else in the family, is completely overwhelming in a good way. THANK YOU SO MUCH. There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to express the gratitude we feel toward you.
I know this little lady thanks you, too.

After I hit publish on the Thursday's post, I had no idea the impact that post would have. It's been viewed 2,204 times. And it's been shared on and off Facebook and Twitter so many times that I lost count. It's been printed out and mailed to various places. Read in church services.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm glad you realize how special this child is and the gravity of the battle she has begun.

Yesterday was a tough day for us. It was Day One of Battle Ewing's. Now her port is in place, and her bone marrow biopsy is complete. And now we wait. Wait two to three days. The results of the biopsy will finalize the doctor's treatment plan. I've been praying hard that this is the point Asher will catch a break. Sweet girl needs a break.

While at the hospital, Susan received an amazing gift. Pocket pebbles. A small butterfly pebble with an A on it to remind us to say prayers for Asher. I picked purple because it's Asher and my second favorite color. I fiddled with this all morning, and it helped ease my nerves...I think it helped ease a lot of people's nerves.

Over the weekend, Susan, Justin and Asher took family photos. Y'all. They are awesome photos.

The gallery is open so everyone can view and share their favorite photos of Asher. All you have to do is click the link above to see all the photos. 

I, as well as other people, have had a lot of questions regarding fundraising and donations. I'm so happy to hear of the eagerness to give and serve this little girl and her family. But I ask you kindly to please wait. 

Susan and Justin are going through major life changes right now to help Asher. And they need a minute to breathe and adjust to what's been happening. It's been a whirlwind. 

Having said that, it does not mean we don't want your help and support. WE DO NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT. But one step at a time. First thing we are doing is setting up an account to funnel donations. Once we get it in place, we can move on the planning fundraisers and doing all the stuff we want to do. 

I know everyone is in total action mode. I am, too. But we have to get our ducks in a row so we can do this right. We all want to help the Bit. We all want to alleviate stress. We all want to ease the financial burden. And we will do all those things. Just please have patience and sit tight while we get things in order to do all those things. 

I am officially unofficially the fundraising/marketing/PR guru throughout this process. Susan and Justin need to focus on taking care of their sick child so I volunteered to help ease the stresses of planning and organizing fundraisers and the like. 

Now having said that, I will need help. I am only one person. I can do somethings, but I realize I can't do everything. If you are interested in helping me in anyway, please e-mail me at ashten.adamson@gmail.com or message me on Facebook. If you have my phone number, please call me. 

I want to hear everyone's ideas. I want everyone who wants to be involved to be involved. We need everyone. So if you have an idea for an event or something you'd like to do, please let me know. We want this fundraising process to accommodate Susan, Justin and Asher. We want them to reap all the benefits with little stress. 

Like I said, please feel free to contact me. My plan is to talk everything over with Susan and Justin and plan events around Asher's chemo treatments. 

What events or fundraisers do you want to do?


  1. How awesome! I'm thinking something with Butterflies.. or something!!!! Maybe something can be made and sold? Not sure... I know there are a lot of people on Etsy who do fundraisers with some really neat crafts..... You know Ill keep the ideas coming.

  2. Love you and your family, my friend. Prayers coming your way.

  3. Thank you Ashten! We needed a leader!

    1. Girl! I'm just a filter. The Big Guy is the leader. :)

  4. Perfectly conveyed. Perfect. When you see someone you love hurting, you go into action. Everyone has done this and our actions will be successful with leadership. Thank you Ashten. The logo that was designed from the placards used in the photo shoot is available for use if you need or want it. The tshirts were bid. Susan asked me to talk to ACH about getting their logo on the tshirt. I am in talks with them and they have all the artwork files to approve or deny. If you are okay with me continuing down this path, I certainly will. Once all the details are worked out you can direct how we roll with this. Just let me know. Tish

    1. Ideas with little thought given......Bike for Bit (Jersey, t shirt, tour). Kayak for the Wonder Kid (organized kayak deal and t shirt). T shirts sold to medical/dental offices for staff to wear with scrubs.

    2. Primal Wear has a great design team that I just worked with on our team kit. I've got contacts as Spokes, Chainwheel and Community Cyclist. Tish Fallis

  5. Anonymous because it couldn't verify my wordpress credentials... promise, not hiding :) Tish

  6. Thank you Ashten!!

  7. So glad u have taken this on. I know u have spoken with Stephanie ao u know the ball is rolling. Donna

  8. Have you thought about having a fine art fund raiser at Pinky and Bitz studio?