Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Day Friday: Funnies

Every time I write a blog post, I e-mail pictures from my phone to myself so I can post them. In the subject line, I just type random letters so I don't get the dreaded there-is-no-subject-do-you-want-to-send-it pop-up. And sometimes the random letters are autocorrected into something awesome.

That was the case today. kdhaldjhdl turned into Highballing. #perfect


I went on a winter squash buying rampage yesterday. And I have to tell you I had a butternut squash before I got all this. It's fall, y'all. Get some squash. Roast it and love it.


I stole this photo from Arkansas Outside. I laughed a lot when I saw it so I had to share it.

I also found this on Pinterest and sent it to the roommate.


I'm prepping to see Needtobreathe next Tuesday. We all know how much I love them. And they are coming to Little Rock to play a show. We have fourth row tickets. HOLLLLLLAAAAA!!!!


While eating burrito bowls on the patio of Chipotle's, a little girl, no more than two years old, tried numerous times to climb the metal fence and run out in the street. Her parents were trying to eat dinner while her older sister was shaking the umbrella attached to the table.

As they were getting ready to leave, the pregnant mother was carousing the umbrella shaker and the dad was going after the fence climber. I made a comment to the dad about how she was trying to break out of jail.

He said, "Don't have kids til you get a Taser." I, of course, laughed out loud. Then he threw in "...and ear plugs." as an afterthought.

Best advice ever. Taser and ear plugs.

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  1. the pumpkin AND the taser & ear plugs cracked me up!!