Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Day Friday: Welcome the Weekend

  • My mom is going to St. Louis this weekend to run a half marathon. AND she is going without me. #rude I'm trying to be cool about it because that's what "grown ups" do, but let's be honest....I really wanted to go. What can I say? Big cities just call out to me.
  • I officially start my new job on Monday. I went to check out my office/storage closet on Thursday, and I ended up taking some boxes home with me. I need to look through some stuff so I have a slight idea what I'm being trained to do. To be honest, I'm a tad bit nervous. I'm hoping I will gain more clarity about everything on Monday.
  • I'm doing a 5 mile hill workout today. Who wants to come with me? Not all the miles will be hills, but there will be hills........and in this case I mean the Big Dam Bridge or something similiar to it. Who wants in?
  • Asher's birthday is Monday. She's going to be 4. Crazy how time flies. Her party is tomorrow. I still  have to find a costume...
  • I'm running 9 miles on Sunday. Nine miles. Sometimes I can't believe it. But I'm starting to get more confident in the long runs. To be honest, I enjoy them the most. I don't have to focus on speed or time. I just have to cover the miles. The other workouts during the week are shorter, but sometimes I feel they are more difficult, hence the five miles of hill work I'm planning to do this afternoon.
  • I made a to-do list yesterday. And sometimes I write stuff down that I already did just so I can mark it off. It makes me feel better about having a to-do list. I've marked one thing off already, and the day is just getting started. I have a feeling the last three things (reorganize the nook, clean out the cabinets, and clean the house) will not get done today......but that's just a prediction.
  • I've been watching a lot of British tv shows on Netflix. I've finished Sherlock and Doctor Who, and I'm now watching Being Human. I can't decide if I like Being Human as much as Sherlock and Doctor Who. What tough decisions I'm faced with?
  • Also, the British tv show marathons have made me want to attend high tea. I've tried to recreate the tradition in my house, but I don't have any biscuits. Does anyone know where I can have high tea?
  • I'm going to be guest posting for Paige over at Approaching Joy one day in the next two weeks. I don't know what that means you will have to visit her everyday until you read my macro moment. P.S. Paige is getting married and going on her show her some love while she is busy getting hitched and all.
  • As soon as I hit the publish button, I will be making pumpkin oatmeal, starting the next episode of Being Human, looking through work files, and deciding when I should hit the trails for a run.
  • Have a fabulous weekend!

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