Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Day Friday

  • My mom got this little running girl sticker for me when she went to St. Louis. I think she's precious, and her purple headband is the best. I love purple. I think running stick girl goes nicely with my run sticker I got in New Orleans.
  • Speaking of stickers, I'm saving the other side of my back window for my 13.1 sticker. As of December 1, I will have one of those beauties on my car. And I get to check something off my bucket list.
  • I've decided my only distractions I'll have from working from home will be unlimited access to my refrigerator and the ability to make endless cups of coffee.
  • I am thinking it's time to break out my top 5 Christmas movies. Asher's been quoting Christmas Vacation for weeks now, and it's starting to get to me. I'm trying to hold out until Thanksgiving, but let's be and I both know I'll cave before then.
  • Mark it down. October 26. The first time I mention Christmas on the blog this year. Two months away....I can't believe it didn't happen sooner.
  • Boom Kinetic is playing two nights in a row here in Little Rock. I've waited years for such goodness to happen. There's rumors of a guest list for tomorrow night. Trying to figure out how to get on it. It would just add to the goodness.
  • I'm in the market for some chunky sweaters and smoking loafers. Any suggestions on where I should go to get these items? I need something trendy in my wardrobe right now. Maybe a sweater with elbow patches. And definitely some leopard print smoking loafers.
  • Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars has taken over my free time. Netflix has been good to me recently. I think it's trying to make up for the time it took away The Biggest Loser without my knowledge. And don't judge me for Pretty Little Liars. It's a good show. I think I'm in love with Ezra Fitz. He's cute in that nerdy smart guy kinda way.
  • I picked my 13-year-old cousin up from the junior high the other day. And then I kidnapped her and made her help me recycle some magazines. She tries to pretend like I'm not cool anymore, but deep down I know she loved it. Am I cool enough to make recycling fun? It's questions like that that keep me up at night.
  • I need to get the new Mumford and Sons and the new Taylor Swift. My musical life is suffering. I am behind. I feel bad about it. And you can hate T. Swift all you want, but she means it when she sings. She means it. (My love of Mumford should help me keep some cool points, right?)
  • Who says cool points? I need to be slapped.
Have a great Friday. Rock on!


  1. This is why we're friends (except the Xmas before Turkey day caving. We have a STRICT rule in our household for no Xmas decor, movies, or songs before T-day. It's a holiday that deserves its own lovin'. And that until a few days ago, I thought 13.1 was some Bible verse sticker...).

    I'm with you on ALL. OF. THE. THINGS.

  2. I really do try to give Thanksgiving its time. I really do. But those dang movies are just so great.

    Do people still actually say/use cool points?

  3. Rack Room Shoes has some leopard print smoking loafers...feel free to get me a pair. I already have them in black. Not sure about the sweater with elbow patches. People do not say/use cool points anymore in my neck of the woods. And, I recently found out that the current generation of young girls has no clue what beanie babies are (just another piece of pointless information).

  4. I've seen leopard loafers at Kohl's too! I've been meaning to buy some, but I just haven't yet. Also- I'm in love with the new Mumford album. Seriously been listening to it on repeat. Agreed on Ezra Fitz. He is so pretty.