Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Seven Mile Milestone

Something amazing happened on Sunday morning. Something I've never done before. I ran seven miles. The farthest I've ever ran. And it was awesome.
It was one of those runs that didn't seem long or difficult. I was completely in the zone. And to make the seven miles that much sweeter I got to run six miles with my mom.

Here are my stats:
Time: 1:25:08
Distance: 7 miles (really 7.3...I'll explain it in a bit.)
Best Pace: 10:09
Average Pace: 12:10
Calories: 817

For the first .3 miles of running, my watch decided not to work. So I technically completed  my run at 6.7 miles in an hour and twenty minutes, but I just couldn't stop until I saw that perfect seven.

I felt good running. It was cool outside. I would have and did say it was freezing before we started running. But it ended up being just the right temperature. The sun was out. It was too good. And I didn't have any hypoglycemic issues! Hooray!

But I'm not the only person to hit a milestone this weekend.

My friend and sorority sister Sarah ran her first marathon this weekend.
She ran the 26.2 miles of the Chicago Marathon in 5:25:16. I am so proud of her awesome accomplishment. The whole weekend I was tweeting/stalking her, and I almost cried when she posted this photo of her.

So show Sarah some love because she is amazing!!! And she deserves all the congratulations she can get! Party on, Sarah!!!

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