Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Not too interesting

Nothing good has been happening to me lately. I've been really busy with school. You know writing and reading. Trying to stay up on my current events.

I'm going to set up reservations for my birthday dinner today and call to set up guitar lessons. Yes, I have a guitar. Do I know how to play it? Not really, but I like to pretend.

I like to pretend I can play the opening to "Sweet Child of Mine", "Wanted Dead or Alive" and anything John Mayer. And someone has got to teach me. I love music so much, and it sucks that I can't play even a hint of a song on my sweet guitar.

I got my guitar for Christmas this year from my dad. We both like music a lot, just different kinds...we agree on the classic rock though. Anyway, it is really pretty and it would sound like an angel if I knew what I was doing.

I can almost play a G chord to an E major chord, but my fingers are not very flexy so it makes it difficult to switch from chord to chord quickly. BUT I'm working on it. Apparently I have to get good quick because my mom wants me to play a Christmas cantata next year. I know it seems like a lot of time, but Christmas will be here before we know it.

So that it really it as of now. Just school, birthday and guitar. Maybe something great will happen soon so I can write about it. I'm sure you are getting bored with the same old stories of school, stress and Bob (who by the way is still kicking my butt).


  1. I wish I knew how to play a guitar too.

  2. Well I have one, but it is not looking too good for me.