Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My new love of the snow day

I know what I said about snow. I don't really like it, but I've been lucky enough to enjoy a Friday with a cancelled class, a birthday on Saturday, a Sunday of rest and relaxation and a Monday and Tuesday of snow and no school. LUCKY!!!

This is the most snow I think I've ever seen in Arkansas in my life. I'm from Southeast Arkansas, and it doesn't really snow much down there. I've been in Central Arkansas going to school for the past three and a half years, and pretty much whatever weather is coming into the state is going straight through Faulkner county.

Yesterday I made a snowman, and he is legit. Three snow balls (small, medium and large) make up the body. Two sticks for arms. Two pieces of charcoal for the eyes and one carrot for a nose. Lets not forget the sweet argyle scarf wrapped round the makeshift neck. He is pretty great.

I also made two snow angels and had a snowball fight with my roommates. Good times when it snows. But just like with the last snow day, I find myself having a craving I can't shake. All I wanted was a Dr. Pepper and some gaucamole.

Even though I got to make snow ice cream, which is delicious by the way, I couldn't get the idea of the spicy green delightful dip and carbonated beverage out of my head.

And guess what? I can't drive anywhere. The roads are covered in a snowy, icy mess. So just like the Big Mac from the last snow day, I will have to do without....for a little while longer. Just til I can get to the store to get the fixing for the gaucamole and baby cans of Dr. Pepper.

Well enough about that, I slacked yesterday with my working out. So I have to make up for it today. I'm going to do my regular workout with Bob and add the next 10 minute crazy fast workout with Jillian. Good thing the roads are covered in snow because I will officially be unable to move after this workout. Sore muscles....here I come.

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