Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some days are tough

Concentration is something I lack some days. Not everyday, but some. Most of the time I can concentrate on a task and get it done. Other days it takes me hours to accomplish one little thing.

Let's talk about today.

Today I had a hard time concentrating. It took me 3 hours to write an editorial. My brain just couldn't do it. It was not wanting to think about forming an argument. Not very opinionated on a good day, but today was especially diffcult to crank out a piece of work.

I'm never really satisfied with what I write. I would spend days and days working on something and not want to turn it in. There is always going to be something wrong with it. I don't ever want to turn anything in for my editorials and reviews class. I just don't think I'm good at opinion writing. I have to really love something or really hate something to have an you see my reasoning for taking the class.

Well it challenged me today. I sat and typed and re-typed and worded and re-worded sentences for what seemed like forever....and all for what you may ask? I wrote it for other people to rip my opinion apart. Yep. That is basically it.

Yes, favorite teacher. I know you will probably read this. Your class is hard for me. This most recent topic was super hard for me. It's not your fault...You are trying to make me a better writer...I know. Trying to remember what not to do makes producing something that much more difficult.

Let me just say....I have not felt confident in any editorial I have handed in this semester. It's not that everyone's are just super awesome and mine aren't...because we are all usually about the same...with the exception of a few here and there. We all have our off days. Well this week will have to be mine.

While the idea of editorials seems inspiring and exciting, I've come to realize I get my worst writer's block in this area. Does it ever go away? Am I ever gonna feel good about one I turn in?

****Note to teacher*****


I do like your class. Today it was just extra difficult for me (even though we didn't actually have class today). I spend a lot of time thinking and doing homework and reading for your class. I'm learning...even if it doesn't show up in my editorials. I still trying to figure out the rules and how to apply them. Ok. Great.



  1. I'm sure you will improve by the end of the semester! At least you're trying. :)

  2. Thanks dude. I was just really frustrated with the topic, and I just didn't have any motivation to write. It was just one of those days.