Thursday, February 4, 2010

Defining Words is one of my favorite Web sites. There are so many words people come up with that are really good, and there are some that just really suck.

I love it because it has a word of the day. Today's word is urbaning. which means to look up one's name on to see what it means and then updating it on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

Well, I'm guilty of urbaning, but I didn't put it on Facebook. My name means "the most sexiest, awesome person alive. The best friend you could ever ask for". And I urbaned all my friends and even my mom. It is really great. You should try it.

I have found that urban dictionary is a weird kind of stress reliever. It's funny to read what people think words mean. I also like to find new words to use in my every day jargon. You know that college kid jargon with a lot of likes and umms and huhs. Well I'm trying to branch out, break free of those horrid pause fillers.....but I am still guilty. Some days it's just hard to talk. Give me a do it, too.

Birthday celebration is tomorrow night. Birthday day is Saturday...going home to be with my family. YAY!!! I'm going to eat some of the best food. My family is full of great cooks.Really great cooks. They've taught me a lot about food and how to make it taste good, and for that I am thankful.

I've got a good weekend ahead of me, and I'm looking forward to it. Friday with the best of friends. Saturday with the family. Sunday back to the old grind.

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