Monday, February 1, 2010

Media History = BUST

Whoever said Media History was going to be interesting and easy is a big liar. I've sat through I don't know how many classes, and I've learned slim to none on the topic of media history. I'm sure all of the professors in the Mass Communication department were itching to teach the class, but the guy that is teaching is not at all what I expected him to be.

Here is what I expected out of a Media History professor: A short, slightly balding man with a lisp who would talk 50 minutes straight on dates and facts that make up today's media history. I expected powerpoints with lecture. Reading assignments out of boring books. Writing summaries of chapters. And taking tests based on dates and facts. DATES AND FACTS. This is what media history is...isn't it?

Well this is what I got: A short, slightly balding man who talks about hardly ever says a date or fact. Lectures over Greek mythology. No actual hard copies of news happenings (everything is sent via e-mail). And hardly any feedback on the e-mails you provide once a week.

We sent 2 weeks talking about Greek mythology. Socrates. Plato. Alexander the Great. Trojan War. Helen of Troy. The Illiad. Homer.

If I wanted to take a Greek mythology course, I would have signed up for one. And he gets upset that we don't know anything about that kind of stuff. Sir, we are all journalism/mass communication majors with little to no interest in Greek mythology/history.

None of us know what is going on in there. We just sit and watch the clock, and those people that can't see the clock sit and watch the others watch the clock. It is pure torture.

All I'm saying is that I signed up for Media History. I like learning about the media. I like some elements of history. So Media History seemed like a perfect choice for me. Not really. And the worst part about it is I have to regenerate stuff he talks about in lecture to media on essay test. Great. It's really great.


  1. ughh that stinks! I took it with another guy and loved it, but that class was actually about the history of media. :(

  2. Well that is what I thought I was signing up for. We haven't learned a single date or name in that class. I have no idea what I will write on an essay test.