Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/11/11: A Day of Firsts

I've never really been one of those people who are superstitious, but yesterday was a pretty strange day.

My good friend Abby had a birthday yesterday, and we decided to go eat lunch to celebrate. I've always thought of Abby as a pretty normal person, someone I can talk to and count on. But apparently, she is much more than that.

We sat down for lunch at a little cafe. We had just ordered our food when this strange man and his "colleagues" sat down at the table next to ours. He leaned over and commented on it being someone's birthday (hense, the gifts).

He then proceeded to go into a long drawn-out monologue on how Abby was the perfect number, 3. Or was it a 7. This crazy gray-haired man with a short cut "all business in the front" and flowing gray ponytail "party in the back" was a numerologist. Just a little scary to say the least.

The entire time we were there he talked to us. He was in awe of Abby and her being a 3 and the day being a 7 and that equals 10, which is really a 1, which is the ultimate perfection. Seriously--he really said all of this.

He gave us folders and hand-outs with notes and pictures. He asked us hypothectical questions and gave us "real-life" senarios to work through. All the while, we were just trying to enjoy our meal of patty melts and fries.

Evidently, this man is a regular to this cafe. He and his posse of crystal-wearing numerological enthusiasts go to the cafe all the time to use the free Wi-Fi. The poor guy who works behind the counter said people have complained about how this man never leaves them alone.

It was one of those situations where you want to tell them to back off, but you don't because you are scared they will find you and kill you. Sounds extreme, but you didn't see what I saw. If I had been in a situation safe enough to snap a photo, I would have so you could be aware of this crazy character.

Keep your eyes peeled. Nobody knows what other people are doing. And I don't want to sound paranoid, but it was pretty strange. I felt pretty weird about it all day yesterday. Oh well, just one more story for the books. Until next time...


  1. Ok- So what cafe does this creeper frequent? So I know to stay away.

  2. Something's Brewing! If you see him, just turn around and go right back out.