Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Case of the Unfortunates

So far this week has been a total bust. I had high expectations of making this week a complete success. But let me tell far it has been a week of the unfortunates.

The week started off beautifully. I went to work Monday morning for three hours. But unlike most days where I just sit behind a desk and rack my brain for new story ides, I was actually out on campus participating in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service.

Some of our youth made and distributed hygiene kits to Little Rock's homeless. Basically it was a very successful and fulfilling Monday. But then starts the down hill spiral into the unfortunates.

Unfortuate Case No. 1:
After leaving work, I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning. The dentist found a leaky filling, which will need to be fixed ASAP.

Unfortuate Case No. 2:
School started yesterday. I signed up for an online class mixed with graduate and undergraduate students. So far that has been a bust.

We all had to meet during the time alotted for the class...which is set on the undergrad schedule. So it was an extremely difficult to figure out how to finagle my work schedule around a 9:25 time slot. Sidenote-- To add to the stress of the situation, I don't have a parking pass to park on-campus because you can park anywhere after 4 P.M.

Unfortunate Case No. 3:
The Internet was down at work all day yesterday. So needless to say, nothing got done. Everything I do requires some form of Internet usage. I was completely grounded. And stuck inside the walls of the good people's prison.

Unfortunate Case No. 4:
I already have quite a bit of homework, and I have only been to one class thus far. I have one class tonight and one tomorrow night.

Unfortunate Case No. 5:
It is suppose to snow while I am at work tomorrow. I realize a good thing could come from this, as in school being cancelled and the University shutting down early. However, that is usually not my luck. This snow will fall, and I will have to go to class at 6 P.M. Then when I get out of class at 9 P.M., I will have to drive all the way back to Conway in the dark, snowy abyss.

ONE MAJOR GREAT THING THAT HAPPENED: The beautiful ladies of Alpha Sigma Alpha's Beta Lambda chapter, my chapter, added 27 new babies to the wonderful traditions and sisterhood I experienced for my four years at UCA. Congratulations ladies!! I am oh so excited for you guys. You have made my week of unfortunates so much better. Until next time...

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