Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bookstore Blues

In an earlier post, I talked about how I love the smell of Barnes and Nobel and how it feels to go in there with all those books. I can't say I feel the same about the University bookstore.

When I got into graduate school, I was pretty excited that the University had an online book checking thingy to tell you what books you would need before you got to class on the first day. I is a pretty lame thing to be excited about, but I was so excited.

Funny story: Originally, I was only suppose to have one textbook for this semester (according to the book checking thingy). So I went before school started and bought the one book required for the semester. $145.00 for a brand new book.

I go to the first class, and she makes sure we know that there is a required book for the class...WAIT ONE MINUTE. So I had to go after that class to buy the second required book. $108.00 for a used book.

Today I open my e-mail and read a message from my professor. He says something to the effect of "The bookstore has your book in stock. It is not online so be sure you stop in and pick it up." WHAT?!?!

So I have to go today in this horrible, rainy, potentially snowy weather to get another book, which brings the total to three books (one for each class). $29.98 for the third and hopefully final book.

But I must say $29.98 sounds pretty cheap for a textbook. And with the way my bookstore luck is going, I will probably get in there and pay $100.00 or more. Hopefully, the price is right. Until next time...

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