Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Old Fashion Birthday Celebration

My birthday has come and gone. And I am officially 23. Woo Whoo! I would love to tell you a beautiful success story for this birthday, but that would be too easy.

Friday, it snowed. ALL. DAY. So needlesstosay, we did not get to go downtown to play. I was so looking forward to dancing and Play-de-doughs at Cajun's Wraft. We tried to make the best of it by getting a group together and going to Gusano's for drinks. Epic fail.

People kept showing up that I didn't invite and didn't even know for that matter. It was drama filled...and not with my own drama. It seemed like everyone who came had their arch enemies tag along. It was so terrible. I would love to get into the details, but I honestly do not want to relive it.

Let's just say there was an ambush on a close friend of mine by an old boyfriend and his posse, a drama queen, another friend got berated by her boyfriend for not telling him that the first friend was going to be there, and I yelled at the old boyfriend for showing up unannounced, uninvited and for making my friend leave. And to top it off, about 20 minutes after all the drama, everyone left but four people. FOUR PEOPLE (including myself). Thank you to the three of you who stayed. First friend, I realize the circumstances were out of our control so you couldn't stay til the end.

By the time things calmed down, I had had so many shots I was hammered. HAMMERED! I definitely felt the pain on Saturday morning.

The horse races were cancelled. So no Saturday fun with the girls. I decided to just go on home to see the family on Saturday afternoon. Because the planning was not working out for the best.

My actual birthday was wonderful. I had a great day with my family. We celebrated, ate cake, had a Superbowl Party, and things like that. I got to see everyone I wanted to see...minus a few friends from my Friday party that couldn't come due to the snow.

Hopefully 23 will be better than it started out. I don't know how I will make it if all the days are like last Friday. Lesson learned: Don't try to plan things with big groups. Because people you don't want to come just show up. And then everyone leaves right after the "finale" is over. People if you care about a person, you should be able to not cause drama for 3 hours. Rant over.

Until next time...


  1. hahahaa I can't picture you drunk!! But then again, I probably could.

  2. I am pretty happy and funny. But on this occasion, it was not funny until the end of the night.