Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Boom Kinetic Day

Greetings Friends. Today I'm thankful for this blog because I have lots of stories, and no voice to tell them. Why don't I have a voice, you ask? Well, I sang my little heart (and apparently voice) out during Boom Kinetic's show at Sticky Fingers on Friday night.

But before I get into all that, I have to tell you about the two miles I ran without stopping in the freezing cold Friday afternoon.
I tried out my new compression socks my dad got me for Christmas. And I honestly don't know if they did anything different since I only ran two miles. But I'm hoping to see some differences once I work up some higher mileage.

I was really the most excited to be done with the run because my throat was seriously hurting, and I felt like I could barely breathe the entire time. And it shows in my stats.

Distance: 2.00 miles
Time: 24:10
Best Pace: 11:00
Average Pace: 12:06
Calories: 222

I'm looking for a redemption run tomorrow afternoon.

But back to Boom Kinetic. I was at the very front and center the entire time. I got a picture of the set list, and I have made the most awesome playlist in the history of all the playlists. Two songs you need to get right this very second are "Electric Feel" by MGMT and "Walking on a Dream" by Empire of the Sun.
"Electric Feel" by MGMT
"Walking on a Dream" by Empire of the Sun

And just so you know how amazing and excited I was about the whole Boom Kinetic show, I'm going to show you this.
I am the girl just to the right of the guy singing. This was taken by Boom Kinetic's drummer. And I sang every word to every song for three hours straight. And they will be playing in Little Rock on my birthday weekend.

And we (Jodi, the roommate and I) may or may not have talked to the lead singers of the band after the show was over. And now they know who we are and that it's my birthday the next time they come to play in Little Rock.

How was your weekend?

Any new songs I need to know about?

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