Thursday, January 19, 2012

To Make It Count

Lots of really great things happened yesterday. To keep everyone sane and to help me not ramble on, I'm going to group the happenings into three different sections. Get. Ready.

Happy Birthday to me! Yes, I know my birthday isn't for another few weeks, but my mom kinda surprised me with tickets to see Needtobreathe in Searcy. I say kinda because she told me had tried to get them, and then she sent me an e-mail confirmation saying the tickets have been purchased. If I could scream, I'd still be screaming with excitement.

She not only got me a ticket, but she also got the roommate a ticket. It's not a birthday celebration unless the best friend is there. In six long short weeks, I will in a room with Needtobreathe yet again. Let's all take some time to remember how I got to meet them and see them twice in one week. 

In other news, I ran yesterday with the roommate for the first time since what seems like October. It was a cold run because we started out running into the wind, but I knew once we warmed up and turned around out of the wind it would be flaming hot. And it definitely was.
Yesterday's run was a lot better for me than the last one. I felt strong. Like I could have gone for miles and miles. And I was just shy of my 33 minute goal time. I will get there soon. I'm determined. 11-minute-miles here I come. Here are the stats:

Distance: 3.00 miles
Time: 34:22
Best Pace: 8:56
Average Pace: 11:27
Calories: 356

I felt really good after the run minus the fact that I freeze to death if I can't change clothes right after a run. Literally freeze to death. I did have some sharp knee pains after I quit running, just another sign for saying I need new shoes. More on that later.

I've been working on a Mother's Day art assignment for work. Basically, I have kids draw a picture for their moms, and I have to send them in to headquarters in Kansas City for some massive project. Out of what seems like millions of drawings, two stood out to me for different reasons. Now keep in mind the assignment was suppose to be a cheery drawing for their moms.
I am completely in love with this little girl's drawing. It is so sweet and colorful. Exactly what I want to send to Kansas City.
Now, this little boy needs to see a therapist. But I can totally relate. For the majority of my childhood whenever I could get in trouble, my mom would go from the fun, sweet, loving mother to "Dragon Momma" in about 4.25 seconds. So I can see why this kid might think it's appropriate to draw a dragon in a forest. In all honesty, I love this drawing just as much as the first one, but I can't send this to Kansas City for review.

One day, a long, long, long time from now, I hope I have a kid who blesses me with such creative artworks.

What are you excited about this week?

Which artwork do you like best?

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