Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Tale of Good Fortune

School has officially started again, as in last Thursday. There are four people in my class, one of which I know from a previous class. And while I'm excited to start this semester, the excitement comes from seeing it come to an end. This is the last semester I will take classes EVER. So Thursday was my very last first day of school. Everybody scream.

Now let's talk about what the semester will look like. I'll definitely be stressed out trying to get all the HUGE assignments done each week. The book is as thick as a dictionary and reads like one, too.
Clearly, the class would be a lot more interesting if the words "critical approaches" were not in the title. Yikes. After my first class, I'm pretty sure my brain went into shock. I haven't seen such a demanding class schedule in a while. Like I said, something huge due every single week for the next 15 weeks. And it all comes together to be a paper, which will be a chapter in my thesis.

But enough with the boring graduate school talk, on to something more exciting.
I made a creamy mushroom pasta dish with roasted broccoli for dinner the other night. And it was amazing. It was super easy and looked very fancy. It will definitely become a regular at my house. So good. And let me also just say this: Roasted vegetables of any kind are absolutely delicious. When in doubt, roast em.

The other night at dinner, I got a pretty awesome fortune in my fortune cookie. I usually get the absolute worst fortunes. I mean all my friends will tell you the same. Pretty sure one time I got one that said something about orange being a good color to be around. Nobody knows what that's suppose to mean.

But the other night I got this beauty.
I've been saying 2012 was going to be the year of really awesome things. And I'm pretty pumped about my 24th birthday coming up in two weeks. So I'm hopeful this fortune won't be a fluke. And if the fortune wasn't good enough, the word on the back was February, which is my birthday month. I think it's a sign.

What's new with you?


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