Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Last of January

Let me sum this past weekend up with three words: Pizza, running and homework.

I spent Friday morning mulling over school work and trying to get organized to "start" the semester.
The amount of money I waste use on paper and ink is beyond me. But I'm totally one of those weirdos that has to have a paper copy of stuff to hold in my hand. I'm not really a fan of reading everything on a screen. I like to rock out old school. No big deal.

After the homework and printing mania, I decided to go for a little run. I don't know if I've officially told you, but I'm trying to run 3 miles in under 33 minutes. And I was just 39 seconds too slow.
Distance: 3 miles
Time: 33:39
Best Pace: 8:51
Average Pace: 11:13
Calories: 354
I was pretty excited about the time, even though I was just under my goal time. It felt good to be outside. It was hot, and I was really overdressed. Before I took the above picture, I had on a hot pink long-sleeved pull-over. I ditched that after I ran the first mile and about had a heat stroke.

Speaking of the hot pink pull-over, let's talk about how ridiculous I looked on my run. I knew I was going to wear the pull-over. So I put on capris since it wasn't freezing outside. Then I thought Hey, I think I'll wear my purple compression socks to see if I can tell a difference while I run. Yeah, that's a great idea. So I put those on while still wearing the capris, hence the purple shins. And I just happened to put on pink socks.

Basically I threw up every little girls' dream colors as I ran with my pink and purple self. And yes, I went out in public. Totally not ashamed. I owned that run. Pink and purple powers unite. Ok, enough. I know. Whatever.

As an added bonus to this wonderful weekend, I got to have my favorite pizza.
The Queens Deluxe Pizza from NYPD Pizza in West Little Rock. SO SO SO GOOD! Can't even begin to talk about how tasty it is. I love it and would eat it everyday. Literally, everyday. YUMMY!!! And yes, that piece is two pieces that I decided was one piece. Again, not ashamed.

In other news, the countdown begins. Three days until Boom Kinetic and my birthday bash, and six days until my actual birthday. Gots big, big plans this weekend. And I'm so excited I can barely stand it. Pray the week goes by quickly.

How was your weekend?

Favorite pizza place? What do you get there?

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