Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Chorus Sings. This is Home.

Y'all. I absolutely cannot handle Needtobreathe. Absolutely cannot handle it.

I know I've said this before, but I don't think you understand just how incredible they are. I mean the music, melodies, voices, drums, piano, lyrics. All of it is too good. But before I regale you with stories of the band's musical genius, I must tell you about my day yesterday and why Needtobreathe can cure whatever is ailing you.

Yesterday was all around weird. I felt bad, as in sickly. And to top it off, I was a bottomless pit. I could never get full. Salads just don't do it for me. After work, I met the roommate for coffee at the favorite Starbucks. I got a little pick-me-up with the coffee and because I asked them to put it in a mug. Look at me reducing waste.

The whole way to Searcy I was in a funk. I didn't feel good. I was coughing all the time, or it seemed like it. And I found out one of my favorite people of all times is moving to Illinois for her job.

But by the time I sat down in my seat in row W, I felt more like myself. Ben Rector played, and he was amazing. But we all know the real reason I went. Needtobreathe.
I started out in the back with the roommate, Chelsey and her sister. It was good. I was singing. But the crowd was just stiff. Not interactive. Quiet. So Bear told people who couldn't see to move up to the front...

So basically we moved from the back to the third row. So close I could see the sweat on their faces. So close I could see all Bear's facial expressions in detail.

He sang with all this heart and soul. It's truly something amazing to be in the presence of such an amazing talent. The music in itself was incredible. Just crazy good melodies. And they changed up the arrangements to make it just different enough to completely blow your mind.
I can't tell you exactly how I felt. It's not like any other feeling. It's like being overcome by complete sensory overload. I've seen Needtobreathe live four times now. And each time has been different and better than the last. That's how I know they are doing something outrageously awesome.

I truly wish everyone will have at least one experience where they are completely overcome by the music. If you've already had one, keep enjoying the music to its fullest.

If you haven't, I challenge you to let yourself be open to the opportunity to feel the music deep down in your soul.

If you're wondering how to even begin to do that, start with a song that catches your attention either by the melody, lyrics or both. Think about what caught your attention, and why it caught your attention. And then listen to the song again. And feel the music. Feel the beat. Let the lyrics roll through your head. And find a place in your life to put the words and sounds. And just let it be. Allow yourself to feel the musical genius. Just allow yourself to have that moment.

I hope you have that special moment. But if you don't, I'm just happy you'd allow yourself to try. It's a foreign concept to most people, but it's something so special it should be shared with everyone.

I leave you with this.
It gets me every time.

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