Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Slow Pace Weekend

Happy Tuesday! After a weekend that was far too short (aren't they always), I'm back and ready to take on this week. The only bad news is I'm a tad bit sickly. I have a ridiculous cough I can't seem to shake.

I spent the weekend in the hometown visiting the parents. My cousin turned 13 on Sunday so I attended her birthday party. Crazy that she's already 13. A teenager. Wow. I'm getting old faster than I thought I was.

Friday when I got home, I went for a little run around town.
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 33:22
Best Pace: 9:11
Average Pace: N/A (I guess I didn't take a picture of it.)
Calories: 400

Overall it was a pretty good run, despite the fact that I ate Pei Wei two hours before it. By the way, don't do that. It was not a good idea. I did catch cramps and had major stomach pains during the entire run. But I definitely needed it to clear my head.

Good ole Katie Dog was happy to see me. The roommate is going to paint this picture of her sometime. I happen to think it will be a great addition to her growing animal art portfolio. If you want to see her work or commission a piece, check it out here.

As I said, I've been kinda sickly. Cough and cold type of thing. Not fun. I've been self medicating with Zrytec-D and cough medicine. Why does cough medicine taste so bad? I mean seriously. I'm already sick. Can't they at least make something that doesn't taste like dirty feet water?
I tried to cheer myself up with my "Life is good." mug I got in Destin this summer. But the cough prevailed and continues to do so.

On a different note, I get to see Needtobreathe tonight live in Searcy. So excited. So so excited.

How was your weekend?


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