Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Been Busy Busy

My weekend was full full. But full of fun.

I made those cookies I was talking about. Remember?

When cookie dough looks like this, you know the cookies will be super delicious.

 And they were oh so good. I swoon over them.

 The most chocolate goodness I've ever created. So very tasty. Extra chocolaty and just sweet enough. Make them. They are super easy to make. And well worth the effort.

In other news, I've been on a big egg kick lately.
I've been loving egg sandwiches. And it's weird because I'm usually not a big fan of eggs. I guess my body's been craving the protein. But I've also been craving little baby oranges, also known as cuties, with all my breakfast picks.
It's the best way to get some Vitamin C.

I ran 5.5 miles Sunday evening with the roommate. First time we've ran together in months. And we both had a pretty good run, considering the distance.
Here are my stats:
Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 1 hour 7 minutes
Best Pace: 10:43
Average Pace: 12:12
Calories: 625

Running 5.5 miles makes me walk around like a 90-year-old lady and as hungry as a ravenous wolf. Not. Even. Kidding.

Even though my body hates me when I run longer distances, it still feels really good to have finished it. Every time is like a huge accomplishment. And I love it.

Before the roommate and I went for a little jog, we rode around in our friend Zach's new Jeep. His dog Luna loves the new Jeep, but hates the wind.
And it was a beautiful day to be out and about in a Jeep.
So how was your weekend?

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