Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Capital City Classic 10K: Race Recap

First and foremost, I need to say the Redneck coffee mug is no more. Thankful for the Easter Bunny for  bringing me a lid for my cup.
Now on to the race recap.Buckle your seat belt.

Wake-up call: 5:20 A.M.
Got up and around and had breakfast at 5:40 A.M.
The standard pre-race fuel of a thin whole wheat bagel with a good smear of peanut butter.

We ended up getting to the race later than we would have liked. But it all worked out.

Mile 1: Side stitch on my right side under my rib cage. Searing pain. It hurt to breathe in and out. Not sure what that was about. I pushed my hand into my side. Not the way you want to start a race.

Mile 2: Side stitch still there, but the pain had eased enough for me to talk to the roommate and my mom. Lady in a black sparkly skirt pissed us off with her "words of wisdom." As we were coming up on the first water break, the roommate asked how it would work. Sparkle skirt was like "you know if you pinch your cup it makes it easier to drink that way you don't get it all over you and you can keep running." Mind you she said this while he was walking with an un-pinched cup. I thought my mom was going to slap her across the face.

Mile 3: Mediocre. Sparkle skirt was yelling "encouragements," and that was the moment we decided no matter what happened we would all finish in front of her. Her encouragements were digs in disguise.

Mile 3.5: Searing side pain returned worse than before. Couldn't breathe. Wanted to cry. Couldn't talk anymore. Had to focus on the each step and each breath. Told myself I could make it through it 100 million times.

Mile 4: Second water break. Hand permanently jabbed into right side. Ran into the sun with no shade. Lucky for us there was a nice, cool breeze.

Mile 5: Thought I was going to throw up. The sun was beaming down. Right side felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing me with butter knives. Took our last walk break a bit early. Had to cut that short because sparkle skirt was gaining on us. OVER MY DEAD BODY...which could have been a true statement.

Mile 6.2: FINISH LINE! Black sparkle skirt was left in the dust. And let me just say...if my mom had said I need you to pull out a 10-minute-mile to finish ahead of black sparkle skirt, I could have done it. And I was hurting BAD...but I would have done it. Luckily, I didn't have to.
Here are my stats:
Distance: 6.31 miles (a bit over the 6.2)
Time: 1:15:29 (not a PR, but I was just happy I finished and only walked when I was suppose to walk.)
Best Pace: 9:18
Average Pace: 11:58
Calories: 737

This was the most humbling run I've had in a while. My body rebelled the entire time. I hurt for a good 30 minutes after we were done. And I'd jabbed my fingers into my side so hard for so long that I bruised myself. But I did it. I did it.

The roommate had an awesome run...and I'm so happy for her. I wanted her to have a great first 10K like I did back in November.

My love of running, even when I have a bad day with it, can be summed up with this quote.
I love being able to run with people I love and care about. I love having experiences that bring me closer to my closest people. Being able to overcome a bad run with people who are willing to be patient with you while you struggle is a major life moment. 

I'm so deeply blessed. And so thankful. So humble to have such amazing people in my life. To many more runs for many more days. 

Now on to other things:
  • My new shoes came in. I will be alternating these with the ones I got in New Orleans during my training for St. Jude.
  • I woke up yesterday morning and sipped my coffee while reading this amazing book. I feel so inspired.
  • I also found the Hal Higdon half-marathon training plan less intimidating than I thought I would...Does this mean I'm ready for 13.1? We shall see.
  • Grad school sucks right now. End o story. Original research needs to go some place and never come back. Please and thank you.
  • And on a completely unrelated note to anything ever: My crock pot won't cook potatoes. After 6 hours on high, the potatoes were still like rocks. So. Disappointing.
How was your Easter weekend?

Tell me something good.

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