Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Day I Murdered a Grapefruit

An e-mail was sent yesterday morning to the boyfriend.

Just wanted to drop you a line...and I thought e-mail would be appropriate since it would look more like "work." I'm so sneaky and smart. 

I had a grapefruit for breakfast. I had all the best intentions with it. I thought...Oh, I'll take a grapefruit...I mean it's in its own bowl basically...
But then I killed it. As you can see.

Anyway...Just wanted to lighten your day. TTYL.

***NOTE: If you are an extremely close friend of mine, or if you happen to be the boyfriend, you will receive e-mails like this at times throughout our relationship. Now who wouldn't want to be friends with me? (Clearly, this is a rhetorical question...please don't say you don't want to be my friend...I'm blue...and very fragile.)***

But on a serious note, grapefruits are delicious and an underused fruit. They get a bad rep because of their other citrus cousin, the orange.

Now let's discuss grapefruit eating tactics: Don't use a fork. It's doesn't work out like you think it will. Trust me. But a'd think would work wonders, but I didn't have much luck there either...hence the massacre. I'm going to have to rework my tactics this morning...since I brought another grapefruit.

Now...Let's completely switch gears:

Why does Anthropologie send me e-mails dangling pretty dresses in my face and then blatantly snatch them away with their hefty price tags?

 I want this beautiful dress so bad. But I absolutely can't justify $148 on basically one piece of fabric. My new shoes would look fabulous with it, though.

Anyone have an obscene amount of money they don't want to spend on themselves who'd want to purchase me this lovely dress? Any takers? I'd wear it in your presence...No. Ok. Just thought I'd ask. You have not because you ask not.

Fruits you be lovin' right now?

Dresses you be coveting right now?


  1. Serated knife + spoon = arduously delicious grapefruit magic. And yes, my hopes are always dashed when I find a super cute dress on Pinterest and then I find its from Anthro. Silly money... Why does it feel the need to get in the way of my (attempted) fashion extravaganza?!?!?

    1. Such a Love/Hate relationship I have with Anthropologie. I love all the clothes and hate all the price tags. It always makes me really sad when I go in there and see everyone buying loads of clothes...and I can't buy one thing. Such a dilemma.