Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Day Friday: Random Thoughts

  • I heard once if you walk instead of run in the rain you get less wet. I practiced that theory yesterday during the steady pelting rain of Hurricane Issac. I maybe walked 50 feet (let's be honest...I have no sense to judge don't take that to heart.) from the door of the hospital across the parking lot to my car, and I was completely soaked. So here's a new theory: Really steady rain drops falling from the sky will make you resemble a wet dog regardless of walking or running. Point of this: It absolutely doesn't matter. Good. Glad we cleared that up. We can all sleep better tonight knowing it doesn't really matter.
  • I baked these deep dark chocolate cookies for Susan's birthday. I'm still absolutely sure that this one recipe alone is enough reason for me to open a bakery. I'm serious. They are that good.
  • I've been spending more and more time in Conway recently. For those of you who don't know, it's my old stomping ground. My college alma mater. Go Bears Go! I have a deep love for this city and this restaurant. We went the other night before Elevation. I didn't get to eat anything. Because I have to save my money. So I can pay the bills. Bummer. Big bummer.
  • The newest issue of the Arkansas Times came out yesterday. I picked it up because why not. They always do an amazing job writing and/or promoting Arkansas history. And this issue talks about a new Roy Reed book coming out in October. My inner nerd swooned over this new book because it's going to be such an asset to my thesis.
  • Speaking of the thesis, the frequency of my library visits is about to increase so much so that I should take a cot and set up camp. Must. Finish. The. Mammoth. Thesis. Must. Set. Myself. Free. Seriously, ask me everyday what I did to work on the thesis. Accountability is the key to my success and freedom from library sleepovers. Is there such a thing as library sleepovers? I feel like there should be...for us people who would be interested/desperate for that kind of thing. Don't judge me...

  • Had a nice talk with a wonderful lady about my future job situation. Got some contacts. Made some progress. Someday I will have bylines again. I will. Even if it takes me two years of getting coffee and answering phones. I will write. I will be published. I will have bylines. I will.
  • Tomorrow is September 1. As of tomorrow I am in training. I will be a machine. Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. I'm terrified. I think I've said that before, but now I'm about to start living the fear. Run. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
  • I've recently realized I have an affinity for index cards. It use to be Post-It notes. Not anymore. Index cards everywhere. My desk is covered with them. This is not really relevant to your day, just wanted to share. Sharing is fun. Try it.

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