Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Ode to Brooks Running Shoes

In honor of half marathon training beginning next week and because I love Brooks running shoes more than any other shoe on the market, I thought it would be a good idea to write the wonderful people at Brooks a little thank you note for making running shoes that my feet love. Overpronated feet have a tough time falling in love with a shoe...But that's neither here nor there.

Dear Brooks,

Thank you for making the Adrenaline series. It is my "go to" shoe, which I think it important in this day when we, as consumers, have so many choices and opinions floating around on the World Wide Web.

A large reason I think I fell in love with running was because I was fitted for the Brooks Adrenaline 11 when I started running over a year ago. You can read about that experience here. I loved my red Adrenalines so much  I was sad I had to retire them when tread wore down to nothing and my feet began to ache. Those shoes saw many miles and lots of first finish lines.

But I got a new pair of the Adrenaline 12s when I went to the New Orleans Rock 'N Roll half marathon in March. Not long after that, I signed up for my first half marathon. Per my mom's advice, I got another pair of Adrenalines, the pink 12s, to add to my training rotation. I'm still trying to figure out a way to get the purple Adrenaline 12s in my rotation. Somehow I think it's necessary for me to have all the Adrenaline 12s made.
Not long after I got the pink ones, I read about the Pure Project. I would love to try out the PureCadence, but I'm scared my feet have too overpronated for this minialist shoe. They just look so cool. I can't help myself. I envy all the people who wear them. Seriously. I think about ways to trip them and steal their shoes...Don't tell them I said that.

Thank you for making shoes I love. And please keep making them for us broken ankled overpronated people.

Love from your Adrenaline junkie in Arkansas,

And something extra I found last night while I was reading through old blog posts....This post about running and learning is a gem. I crack myself up. You will get a clear understanding of how my brain actually works.

(Disclaimer: Brooks Running did not ask me to write this. I didn't receive any type of compensation. I just wanted to show them a little love because they made shoes my feet don't hate...which in my case it pretty amazing.)


  1. Ashten, I too am an Adrenaline lover because they ease my overpronation. Don't hesitate to at least try on the Pure Cadence and run around the store, I have a pair of the hot pink ones and I love them for shorter runs. Wearing minimalist shoes on my shorter runs has really helped me correct my heel strike habit.

  2. I feel like a minimalist shoe will help me build up some strength in my feet. I am definitely going to try them out whenever I get some extra spending money...or whenever Brooks decides I'm worthy enough for them to appear on my doorstep.

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