Friday, August 3, 2012

My Official Job Application

This whole job hunting/searching/waiting thing has taught me that there are lots of things one leaves off of a resume.

So in the spirit of fun and entertainment (and my desperate attempt to find a job ASAP), I'm giving you my dear blog readers My Official Resume.

Ashten B. Adamson
Can't give you my address or phone number, but you can have my e-mail.

Do Work.

UALR Master's Degree in Journalism - pending 2012 due to thesis.
UCA B.S. in Journalism with a minor in Marketing - 2010
Stuttgart High School honor graduate - 2006

Journalistic writing/PR writing
Grammar enthusiast
Minor Web site design skills

***NOTE*** Now this is where I'll add the stuff most people would leave off for a professional resume submission. But I told you I was making it official.

Additional Skills:
Personal Training (if you're interested in running)
Dog walker/caretaker
Cleaning Nazi
Personal shopper
Swimming lessons instructor

Available upon request

Now let's get serious for a minute. If any of my additional skills are of interest to you, I would be willing to work an infinite amount of odd jobs because I enjoy all those things I listed above.

I am looking for a job in the field I am trained in. But that doesn't mean I can't use my additional skill set to make my current situation a little brighter.

So here's the deal, if you are interested.

I'll create ready to eat meals for you to heat and eat.
I'll help you start working out and create a novice running plan just for you (and go on the runs with you).
I'll take care of your pets.
I'll clean your house til it's spotless.
I'll watch your kids.
I'll tutor your kids.
I'll be your personal shopper or assistant.
I'll teach your kids how to swim.
I'll organize all your stuff.

So if you interested shoot me an e-mail. I feel like my favorite thing to attempt would be heat and eat meals....but it's all open for discussion. I would be helping you and you would be helping me.

***Yes, most of this post was written in fun as a way to relieve my stress. But if you feel like you need my additional skill set, I would be willing to work with shoot me an e-mail.***

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  1. I just realized that you must have graduated high school with my son Jaron! My husband was the Stuttgart band director when you were in school! I have been praying for Asher every day! Just made the connection. Duh...
    -Libby Kloap