Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Awesome Things Happen

Three really awesome things happened yesterday while I was in Little Rock.

  1. Anthropologie's Sale room is my new favorite place on earth. While I was a little upset that the store's regular priced items were WAY out of my price range, the sale room proved to be a hit. I got a sweet pair of black ankle dress pants and two beautiful silk dress shirts. AMAZING. I was like a kid in a candy store. Anthropologie also has the BEST dishes and houseware items I have seen in a while. I use to be obsessed with anything from Pier 1, but now my home items will be coming from Anthropologie.
  2. When I was leaving Target yesterday, I saw quite a sight. The parking lot of the Target on University has a lot of weird curves and stop signs. A Mammaw in a Buick was in front of me. She seemed to be having a tough time remembering the rules of the road because she stopped at the parking lot stop sign for at least 1 full minute. She proceeded to turn right to take her to the part of the parking lot that leads to the main road. She putted along, and when she got to the stop light that connected the parking lot to the main road she got in the left turn lane. The light was red. And she turned. Straight up ran that red light. I was sitting in the right lane waiting for my right on red opportunity, and this little old lady just tootled on out into oncoming traffic. It made me chuckle since nothing bad happened. Very bold move.
  3. I had to work yesterday afternoon. I went to one of the Little Rock schools and interviewed some of the kids because they are sponsoring a child in Honduras. Sponsored kids sponsoring a kid is too good to pass up. So I talked to three kids, one third grader and two fifth graders. Kids say the best things. And when a kid talks about helping another kid, it really is too good. I talked to a little Hispanic girl in the fifth grade. She speaks Spanish at home with her parents and English at school. I had a letter from the boy in Honduras. I showed the letter to the little girl, and she read it aloud in Spanish. I was so moved. To watch her speak fluent Spanish, make connections and laugh at some of the things the little boy wrote really got to me. She was so absorbed in what he wrote. And she completely understood what he was talking about because it was a letter from a sponsor child to another sponsored child. She understood his struggles and his thankfulness. It was very eye opening.
Awesome things happen. Funny things. Unexpected things. Wonderful things. What kind of awesome things have you witnessed this week? Feel free to tell me about it. I would love to hear it.

Until next time...

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