Thursday, March 31, 2011

All night long: A Solution to My School Ailments

I am contemplating pulling an all-nighter. How does everyone feel about this?

I'll tell ya I'm a little nervous about it because I have never done one. Now I have stayed up into the wee hours of the morning hanging out with friends, kicking it at Relay for Life with my sorority sisters, or dancing it up in downtown Little Rock.

But never have I ever pulled an all-nighter for school.

When I got out of class last night with a huge assignment on my plate and many more assignments ever looming over me, I felt completely defeated. I mean full-on pity party mode. "Why am I doing this?" "This is stupid and hard and it won't help me in the real world with a real job...." harump! Sad face. I know very "whoa-to-me" I was after a three hour lecture and assignment beating.

As I laid down in bed with my eyes wide and mind abuzz, it hit me. Thought: I should pull an all-nighter. Other people I know do it all the time, multiple times in a row. Why can't I do it.

I realize sleep is important, and I am one of those people who need all the sleep. But I am to the point of desperate. Completely at a cross-roads of grad school life. Do I stay up and work all night? Or do I get the rest and stress about all the things I need to do tomorrow?

Something has me sold on trying it out. I think I'm to the point where insanity has set in, and I need to try something different to see if it can bring me back to a sane frame of mind. So as of Sunday night...I am pulling an all-nighter. I will fuel myself with inconceivable amounts of coffee and snacks and just hack away at all the stupidity that is my school life.

Maybe this will help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe it won't. Never know til you try, and apparently the way I've always done things isn't cutting it because the stress level is at 110 out of 100 and my anger/rage meter is basically on edge all the time. Plus I feel like crying any time anyone tries to hand me another assignment (at work or school).

Pray for me. Your prayers are much needed and appreciated. The Big Guy will know what to do with them while I'm still binging on coffee and snacks.

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? How was it? Success or just one more reason to stress out?

Until next time...

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