Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Girls and a Baby

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I am throwing my first baby shower ever. It is really the first shower where I have been solely in charge. Exciting, yet makes me nervous. Since it is the first shower my sweet friend is having, it will set the pace for the other showers.

Not to worry. My mom is coming to help me. She is going to help me out since my ghost hostess can't make it this weekend. So we get to have much-needed and awaited mother-daughter time. She is on her way now, and I can't wait to see her.

Last night my sweet friend came over. Hands down she is the cutest pregnant girl I have ever seen. At about 5 feet, this girl is all baby. Her belly is the only thing that has changed about her. She is still just a little tiny thing. She just started her 7th month so she will only get bigger until the big day.

It's so exciting. After we all ate dinner, my friend looked at my roommate and said feel this. Apparently baby girl was moving around. So we all crowded around her with our hands on her belly and waited.

For a while nothing happened. (Sidenote---I have been waiting to feel this sweet baby kick or move ever since September when we found out she was pregnant.) So I was pretty anxious and excited.

And then it happened. Baby girl gave me a little bump. She just wanted to say what's up. And I was beside myself with joy. It was the craziest, best, strangest feeling ever. I can only imagine how it feels for it to happen inside of you. She nudged and bumped a few more times, and then the show was over. Baby girl went back to sleep.

It was the best feeling. I am so excited about meeting my friend's sweet baby girl. She is going to be so beautiful and perfect. This is my first close friend to get pregnant, and we (the roommate and I) have learned so much about babies and body changes and stuff that it's a little un-nerving.

So now that baby girl has officially made her presence known, the baby shower has to be good. So here is a sneak-peek of what I'm working with for this most exciting event.

Two super cute frames I got at Target with the invitation the roommate made and a picture of baby girl in the womb. These will be decor for the table. Super exciting.

Sweet napkins I found. They are the only thing that is baby related for this shower. Love them.

So exciting. I can't wait to take all the pictures so I can show you the finished product and all the good food my mom and I make.

YAY for babies!

Until next time...

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