Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Numbers Game

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

It is a beautiful day here in Little Rock. Perfect weather for the perfect mix of music, see yesterday's post. I feel like today will be exceptional because it is my Friday. Tomorrow I will spend hours slaving over grad school's version of hell. Homework.

Just so you can get an idea of what is loom over me, this is what my weekend will look like: 1 PR case proposal, 1 online discussion board with two different, highly-detailed posts, read one chapter in Media Theories book, read historical methods handout and write detailed paper critique, read old newspaper printouts for looming 25-page historical methods paper, literature search for looming 15-20 page theories paper, and maybe read some assigned theories articles, if the teacher decides to send them out through e-mail.

And that is just the homework side of things. Saturday, I will be shopping for a bridesmaids dress for my best friend's wedding in August, and I promised the roommate that I would come out and play this Saturday. I will call it my last Hoorah before the paper writing begins. So there you go. A detailed account of what I have planned. Sounds great.

Now, I've been doing some number watching the past few months. And let me just say I am impressed. Blogspot allows the blogger (me) to keep up with the number of view my blog gets per day, week, month and all time. It also tells me how many views per country. Don't freak out. I can't see exactly who you are or when you check it out. I just think it is pretty cool. So I thought I would share the info.

As of today, 12 countries have checked out my blog. Pretty cool. Now I have no idea if they were really checking it out, or if they just typed in the wrong URL. I'm going with the first one because I like to think people read because they like what I write or how I write and find me entertaining.

So here are the numbers:
  • United States - 813
  • Ireland - 24
  • Canada - 13
  • Australia - 7 (Thanks Miranda)
  • Denmark - 6
  • United Kingdom - 5
  • Germany - 3
  • Belarus - 1
  • China - 1
  • Czech Republic - 1
  • Morocco - 1
  • Portugal - 1
All time pageview history = 880

Thank you so much. I write this thinking no one really reads it. That it is just me writing to appease some part of myself. But then I get people saying "Hey, I read your blog. Keep it up." Or "Hey, I need you to post everyday. (LRM)"

I try to write stuff I would like to read about. But if I posted every day, it would not be as funny. And you would probably get tired of reading me. I don't want to be a not-so-funny blog burden. So you will get me three times a week. Maybe more if something really great/bad happens.

As for the numbers, thank you family and friends who read and tell me about it. It keeps me confident. Thank you blog readers I've never met for keeping me excited. Even when my family doesn't read, you guys keep coming back. As for the one time visitors listed, thanks so much for stopping by, even if you did just typed in the wrong URL or pushed the "Next Blog" button at the top of your screen. If all you guys keep coming to read, I will keep cranking out words.

Love you guys. Until next time...


  1. And now 1 pageview from Italia! Woot Woot! I hope he/she was eating pizza and drinking wine while reading. :)

  2. One from Mexico! Gracias Muchacho!

  3. I hate that school is so stressful right now! Hopefully it will level out soon. Keep it comin' sister! :)