Friday, March 18, 2011

Break de Spring

It's officially Spring Break. And I will not be breaking. I have too much homework and research and papers to work on. Plus I still have to go to work, the prison for good people.

I am building in some good things in between all of this studying and working.

Today: I got a pedicure. My toes were in need of a spring makeover, especially since flip-flop weather is just round the corner.

Tomorrow: Birthday party for my my friend Abby's boyfriend.

Sunday: MY OFFICIAL SPRING BREAK (that I am allowing myself). I will spend the day doing nothing school related. So I am going to hike Pinnacle Mountain and going to see penguins at the zoo.

Monday: Work and homework.

Tuesday: Work and homework.

Wednesday: Work and homework.

Thursday: Homework and getting my ducks in a row for a baby shower I am hosting.

Friday: My mom is coming to stay with me and help me get ready for the baby shower. I also have to do homework and clean up before mom gets here.

Saturday: Baby shower for the most deserving friend. :)

Sunday: Homework.

Monday: Homework.

Then, sadly the Spring Break is over. Hopefully you will have more luck in the fun department. I will be cracking away at my school life. Who can't wait for May? This girl.

I hope everyone who gets an official Spring Break has a safe and happy time off. As for us that don't get one, let's be thankful for our jobs and all the other good things in our lives.

Until next time...

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