Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't Hold Your Breath

I came to a major realization last night while I was running.

All summer long, I ran in uncontrollable heat. All summer long, I would dream of running at temperatures 30 degrees cooler.

It didn't occur to me that my body would have to go through a transistion period from heat to cool.

Now don't get me wrong, running in cooler air is very delightful. But my lungs have been conditioned to breathing in water from the humidity.

Last night was the first time I breathed air. Actual air. Cool, clean air. And it kind of hurt my chest. Awesome.

But I didn't stop me from completing 3 glorious miles at the River Trail and over the Big Dam Bridge.

After the first 10 minutes, I fell into a nice rhythm. Why is it that the first 10 or so minutes feel like pure hell? The first ten make me want to quit more than any other time during my run.

Logan and the roommate also had two of the greatest runs ever. With the exception of Logan's right foot going completely numb. Does any one know what that means?

It's amazing how heat plays such a factor in running. I knew it affected me, but I didn't realize the extent to which it affected me. The summer of breathing in water is over people. And that in itself is a glorious fact.

And after these few blissful months of Fall, it will all be over for me. Don't worry. I'm not quitting. Just expect a lot more complaining about the cold weather running. And just the cold period. I HATE winter.

I hate the cold. The snow. I hate it. And it's weird because I love Christmas time, and my birthday is in the winter. You'd think I'd be more excited, but I'm not looking forward to snot freezing to my face. Anyone get that reference to Dumb and Dumber?

Next thing on the agenda: Where to get running capris and pants?

I'm not going to freeze to death trying to exercise. It's not going to happen. I need to be prepared.

So where can I get pants that won't take all my moneys and then throw my wallet on the ground and spit on it? Are all pants made as cold gear? I need help. If you know anything related to the running capris and pants topic, please leave me a knowledge nugget in the comments section.

That's all for today, folks. But I will ask everyone nicely to go out and buy a Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar. And eat it. It will be the best thing you did all day.

Well it will be the best thing you do all day if you love overly chocolate things.

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