Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daaaaaaaaaa Bears

Big things happening this weekend. My alma mater is having its first Saturday home football game. How bout them Bears?
Ever since I graduated college my loyalty to the Bears and UCA have grown X1000. I loved my school when I was there. But now that I'm not a part of such a great campus community, I find myself pining for the good ole days.

In preparation for this post, I searched old Facebook photos in hopes of finding some true gems to feature. And then I was hurt to find there are five, yes five, photos of me at football games over my college years. Let me just say, I know I went to more than five games. So how did this happen? Nobody can be sure, but I do know it makes me sad.

So this weekend I will fix this little problem. Photos will be taken. I can't let you get away without seeing the new purple and gray turf my four years of athletic fees helped pay for, along with everyone else. There will be tailgating, friends, fun times and football. Doesn't get much better than that.

Let's just hope the Bears pull out a W since they lost the last three games. #sigh. This will probably be one of those weekends where I pretend I'm back in college, and that can only mean two things. It's gonna be fun while it's happening, but I'm gonna pay for it later.

What was your favorite post-college fun where you acted like you were back in college?
Mine would have to be the time one of my sorority sister's was getting married. I attended a wedding shower that was accompanied with lots and lots of wine. And we had a reunion.

I remember running up and down the street with a glass of wine in my hand yelling about how my friend was getting married. Luckily, I didn't go to jail, which could have happened easily.

Valuable lesson I learned that night: Don't mix red and white wine. Not really sure why. It could have nothing to do with the mixing of the wines, but I'm sure the quanity did have something to do with this.

Do you have plans this weekend?

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