Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let Us Love Like We Were Children

Good Mornting Blog Friends. I hope you guys had a spectacular weekend. Friday night the roommate and I went to Fayetteville to watch Needtobreathe for the second time in one week. Of course, it was life changing.

We were very happy campers. So much closer to the stage than the last time. And the acoustics of that tent thing we were in were out of this world amazing.

They totally sang my favorite song on their new CD. "The Reckoning" was one of their encore songs. So of course I acted like a total freak when I heard the first cords being played. Go listen to "The Reckoning" the song right now. Do it. Listen to the drums and piano sound after the first verse. #cannothandleit

While at the concert, I did a lot of people watching, which brings me to the next talking point.

New Relationships
Everyone knows the feelings you get when you start a new relationship with someone. I can really only speak about this from a girl's perspective, but I think I can get it right. It's that rush of intense emotion. It makes you nervous and excited and terrified all at the same time.

As I was people watching, I noticed a lot of young couples and the way they acted toward one another. Boyfriends would take their girlfriends hands and lead them through the crowded narrow aisles.

Boys placing their hand on the small of a girl's back while talking to other people. Such a small gesture, but probably one of my most favorites.

There are lots of little gestures boys can do that can cause serious heart palpitations for us girls: Brushing the hair out of our face, the lean in for the hair smell, the whisper in the ear in a crowded room, simply holding hands, the hand on the small of the back (I swoon), cheek kisses, thoughtful text messages or phone calls....I mean the list can go on and on when it's someone you really like.

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with all this. But I think I just needed to tell everyone who has this already to cherish those moments. Those little moments are the ones that build a relationship. I've seen it happen time and time again with my friends, and I've experienced a few of those moments myself.

But after a while, we all tend to take those little gestures from our boyfriend or girlfriend for granted. It becomes something you expect the other to do. And that's where the beauty of the relationship gets lost.

You can call me a hopeless romantic, and I would say that is accurate. Do I believe everyone deserves those little moments and happy gestures? Yes, of course I do.

Everyone needs to know what it feels like to have their breathe taken away by having their hand held by their special someone. For their heart to race when opening a text message that simply says "Have a great day!"

On a more personal note: I've been praying a lot about this recently. Not asking God to give me the perfect man with the perfect life. More like asking God to give me opportunities to meet new people. Reconnect with old friends. Help someone I don't know. Give back to the community. Just praying for opportunities in general.

I felt like my prayers were too specific. Too much to ask for. I found myself getting frustrated when God didn't answer my specific prayers. For almost 24 years, I've been praying these specific prayers.

And then I realized that I had been doing it all wrong. I shouldn't be asking God to make things happen for me. I should be thanking Him for the opportunities He provides me every single day. I've been taking the opportunities for granted. Beautiful, small gestures for granted. God-given opportunities for granted.

So I work on this every day. I pray that God will provide me with opportunities and give me the strenght and understanding to take those opportunities. I'm a work in progress. We all are. And it's a beautiful thing when you think about it that way. He's making me a better person for the man He has chosen for me. #excitingrealization

I thank you so much for reading about this little part of me and where I am in my life. Sometimes I need to just put it out there and see what happens. And it's been a post that was a long time coming. God has been telling me for a while to be more open about where I am in my life so I'm taking that opportunity. Only He knows where it will take me.

Be loving you guys.

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  1. aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! So maybe Mr. Perfect is around here somewhere.. Or maybe you already know him.. IDK...... Whoever he is, I would love for him to make a move!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe God will bump you into him or something! WHO KNOWS~